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So yesterday proved to offer more excitement than I had planned on. Although sad to see my sister go home; we did have a bit of an adventure on the way to the airport. However the fun didn’t stop there for me.

The subway ride was fine, a bit slow for my liking but we got to the end of the line without incident. However, we had to wait forever for a bus. Then we find out there is a really bad accident on the freeway, hence the delay. It was necessary to take a detour through the surface streets which of course takes so much longer.

Everything was cool at the airport – got her checked in, we said our goodbyes and she headed off to her gate…

So I meandered back to the bus stop to head home. While I was standing there this handsome guy walked up and was checking out the bus maps trying to figure out what bus he needed. Thought I might be able to help so I asked him where he was going. Yup, he was going somewhere I had NO idea on how to get to – I am not that good with the suburbs.

But we got some directions which meant nothing to him, but for most of the trip I would be going the same way and making the same connections so I offered to help him out.

So as we are talking I notice he is wearing the same watch as I have – thought that was cool, when I introduced myself we discovered we have the same name – NOW how cool is that.

So back to the adventure. As we are on the subway an announcement comes on and informs us that there is an “personal injury at track level” at the High Park station. So what that translates to is going to the Jane station, getting off the subway then take a bus/shuttle on the surface streets to Keele station. Great more delays.

Well at least I had company to talk to. And for my new friend it was more adventure than he was expecting so he just took it all in stride and said that this just made his trip all that more memorable.

So I have to stop at my friend’s place, he is moving and getting rid of his microwave and well I need one so there you go. I hop in a cab to come home and as well pull up the parking lot and street are packed full of Police vehicles and SWAT team vans and SUVs.

Tons of cops all suited up and running around. ((I am having a freaky deja vu moment right now))

I find out that there was a big drug bust in my building. How flipping scary is that?

So if you follow my Twitter you noticed a friend came over to play PS2. To say the least I had a blast. Who knew it was so easy to take over the galaxy and drink wine at the same time!

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