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SubwayYesterday, I ended up going to IKEA to do some shopping. Had a few things I needed to get for the new apartment. And well $300 later walked out.

I have a hard time spending money like that – larger sums at once. Really freaks me out! However, last night as I sat in my apartment looking around I found myself grinning.

We took the subway out to the IKEA yesterday, got a neat picture on my phone at the subway station we got off at. Unfortunately, one of the things that I do not yet have with me at my new place is the cable to attach to my phone so I can grab the photo on my computer. Will be sure to do that later this week.

IKEA has shuttles that run from the subway station to the store. You hop on and zoom over to the madness. This little shuttle we got on reminded me of some jalopy that you get on for some plantation style tour at some tropical vacation destination. The driver even left the back door open as he drove. I had to laugh!

We were absolutely starving when we got there, so the first stop was the cafeteria for some Swedish Meatballs. We gorged on food and then got to the shopping with list in hand. ((Had to stay focused – task at hand – however I was keeping my eye out for ideas on how to achieve a few goals and deal with a few “space” related challenges))

Before we even got downstairs to the areas that I really needed to shop at, the effects of gorging on all that food started to kick in. Blood sugar was all fucked, I wanted to nap and I started to get crusty. Nothing was interesting to me at all. I was just really foul!

Made it through it and bought stuff I needed for the kitchen and the curtains I needed. So sorry to my neighbours but you won’t be getting me “Nekid Ass” show for free any more!

Putting up the curtains set out to be a bit of a challenge. Mostly due to the fact that the ceiling is concrete and the windows don’t leave much room to screw any brackets in – nonetheless we prevailed ((after having to run out AGAIN to get different screws, ok I will admit it there were no screws with the brackets I just assumed there would be)) I have privacy and some pretty sexy curtains up.

Also got the wickedest shelf in my living room. ((the big one not the little one)) It looks so sweet! The colour is wicked against my walls and with the light shining through the mesh at night it makes wicked patterns on the wall behind it. LOVE IT! What even makes it so much sweeter is that it was only $20.

Well I gotta run here – I promised myself I would get the laundry done before the day got away on me – and I have more dishes to wash from the shopping trip – so catch ya later!


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