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Construction Jack HammerWell the jack hammering has started again on my side of the building. They are working on the set of balconies 2 over from me.

Yesterday the construction workers spent the day scoring the outside ends of the balconies, as I am sure that is what makes it easier for them to remove the concrete.

So this being a concrete building the sound is somewhat dampened; however, it is still loud and with my feet on the floor I can feel the vibrations. My sub-woofer is actually being drowned out right now.

So as you know I work in an industry that operates 365/24/7 and as such I don’t have a set schedule and often I have to sleep during the day for working at night.

Now this is going to prove very difficult over the next few weeks. I have not yet figured out a way to accommodate this challenge. Yet, it did get me to thinking about this challenge I am facing and some things that have happened in the past with “noise”.

I was reminded of my friend’s neighbour who use to bang on his door, and quite violently I might add, and yell at him for listening to music in the afternoon. Now the music was not all that loud, usually barely loud enough to hear over the vacuum in the other room.

She complained that she had to work that night and sleep.

OK so is the rest of the world supposed to stop so she can sleep during the day?

Last week, a friend of mine was in town and stayed at my place. We were hanging out watching movies and exactly at 2301 someone was pounding at my door.

I open the door and this woman starts to berate me, yell and well you get the picture.

When she was done her rant and in my calm, monotone, “caring” voice I said to her, “there are few things to note here; firstly banging on my door like that, not a great way to get my attention or rather the attention you are looking for, secondly the TV is not that loud, in fact with the door closed right now you can not hear the TV in the hallway and this door provides less sound proofing than the concrete floor/ceiling and lastly, when you ask nicely and say PLEASE you get a lot farther with me. So you have yourself a good night.”

So where does this bring me? Or rather us?

Well, this is what I thought about. I do the job I do because I have a passion for it. The job that I get to do, the experiences I get to have, the places I get to go, the people I get to meet offers me an even bigger pay cheque than just monetary rewards.

There are many out there that do their jobs/careers because of their passion but did they pick their passion or did passion pick them?


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  • SeangSTM#1

    13 Sep 2007 (Thursday)

    Any noise complaints I receive before 10pm are promptly poo-pooh’d…
    I like to blast my expensive and long sought after sound system as loud as I feel is normal/appropriate for film watching. If I can’t hear dialogue, the center front speaker is increased.
    I’ve never received a complaint from a neighbour. If I did though and it occurred before 10pm, I would politely tell them that I respect my neighbours and “[their] religion[s] to the extent the law requires”* and politely close the door.



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