IMG_2256_1A long time native of Toronto, Canada, UrbanGuyTO (SpandexGear) was invited by turnipHed to begin blogging about their mutual interest in LGBT issues, men’s underwear and swimwear!

Sharing a strong interest in underwear, swimwear, fetish gear and sex toys you’ll find they both engage in heated discussions about various topics.

Loud, often opinionated you’ll always find UrbanGuyTO ready to engage in a friendly and open, non-judgemental discussion about any fetish, kink and sex-positive topic of interest to the LGBT community.

Living in the centre of Toronto’s vibrant gay community UrbanGuyTO enjoys gear indoors and outdoors – well, at least when he’s not naked at home or the nude beach!  UrbanGuyTO is an avid nudist.

A strong advocate for both the local and global gay community, UrbanGuyTO‘s gear reviews ( #gearhound) and editorials often focus on the need to develop a better dialogue for gay men around sex, fetish, kink and promoting sex-positive discussions.

Proud to post original underwear and swimwear reviews you’ll find the information helpful.

Contact UrbanGuyTO (urbanguyto(@)turnipstyle.com) with any questions you might have about gear and look for frequent content and comments about new gear discoveries!



  1. Has always lived in Toronto
  2. Types 60 words per minute
  3. Has a degree in English
  4. Loves chocolate


95% of the items that we review, we pay for ourselves. Regardless, sometimes things don't go the way we plan them to go and when that happens we clean up the items really good and then put them up for sale in our shop at a deep discount for you to grab for yourself.

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