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  • While in many jurisdictions the publication of nude photos, without permission, of a person is a crime.

Consent is Sexy

By now I am sure that you have heard about the “drama” in which Andrew Christian sent out and email to their subscribed followers, that included leaked nude photos of UK Olympic diver Tom Daley.

I would like to take this moment to respond.

Since there has been zero response from Andrew Christian or Tom Daley about the use of Tom Daley’s nude photos, we are left to believe that the allegations are true and that Andrew Christian did in fact use the leaked nude photos of Tom Daley as a promotional stunt.

While in many jurisdictions the publication of nude photos, without permission, of a person is a crime. It would be hard to not come to the conclusion that the intent of these “stunt” was to use Tom Daley’s celebrity to heighten the excitement of Andrew Christian’s product and makes this even more disgusting.

It has been a couple of days since the occurrence and there has been no statement from Andrew Christian or a joint statement from Andrew Christian and Tom Daley explaining the intent of this email campaign. As such, as Chief Editor, I have made the following decision.

In good conscience we can not support Andrew Christian until I know more, so I am going to back away until such time as further information becomes available to change my mind. Should no information become available I and TURNIPSTYLE will remain backed away.

We have already suspended the advertising campaigns and all banners should be, as of this publication, removed from our site.

Over the days ahead we will be removing links that encourage our readers to shop at Andrew Christian. This may take some time. I am also sitting down and brainstorming on how to deal with the posts we have published that are either reviews or mentions of launches and promotions pertaining to Andrew Christian.

I will be honest, we made a little bit of money from Andrew Christian, with our posts and their banner advertisements and, being that I am technically unemployed, this money helped keep this project going. I will take a hit.

Nonetheless, one of our principles here at TURNIPSTYLE is that “consent is sexy” and when consent is not given that amounts to abusive behaviour and we can’t be a part of that.

We hope you are on board with us in this and that you will continue to support us by clicking on our banner ads and visiting our WHERE TO SHOP page and supporting those businesses that support us and “support your junk”.

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turnipHed is the Chief Editor at TURNIPSTYLE, Presenter & Producer of THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE. The lifestyle magazine and podcast for [GBTQ+] Men.

  • Veritable Virgo#1

    14 Jan 2018 (Sunday)

    Bravo! I support your position on this all the way. While I don’t particularly fancy Mr. Daley one way or the other, I think you’re spot on in terms of the need to be held to a standard that seeks and obtains permission before nude photos are shared. Let’s hope the leak was a mistake and that AC and TD are working together to sort it all out.

    🙂 VV

    • turnipHed#2

      14 Jan 2018 (Sunday)

      Thanks VV I really appreciate that. I tried to wait it out a bit and see what happened, all too often people jump the gun (I won’t mention any shitstain’s name here). Myself, I received the email and my first thought was “how brave!” but then when a couple days later I saw reports of the leak and when I went back to the email and click on the photos I got a 404 error. Andrew Christian had deleted the link/destination URL (which in my mind was even more stupid, 404 errors are so 1990).

      But after this long and not hearing anything one way or the other, I thought it was best for use to just back away and see what happens without making accusations of our own either way.

      And with this looking more like the scandal it is…I have to say that in good British fashion I commend Mr. Daley for Carrying On!


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