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Lack of sex will have you mad at stupid shit like, “WHY IS THIS FLOOR ON THE FLOOR?

Even though we are winding down for the season, we are not winding down on the topics and content. The passion for sure is not winding down here either. John’s Crazy Socks, a dude with Down Syndrome is making waves in the sock industry. Support him at JohnsCrazySocks.com! Hunk² review by turnipHed, the Apollo Vitesse² trunks. Malebasics welcomes Mundo Unico.

We have even more with a gay couple degraded at a hockey game, after they shared a kiss on KISS CAM. It was the announcer that spewed the homophobic remarks. Why do men love their basketballs shorts so much? Were you ever turned on, in your younger days, or do you still get aroused in the Men’s Underwear Dept. at your Department Store?

The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness what are we doing to ourselves as a community or a culture. Read the article and weigh in. We are sure this won’t be the only time we bring this up. Finally, economists argue that homophobia as a price tag – $100 BILLION dollars.



wear it

JOHN’S CRAZY SOCKS – This dude is fucking amazing and I love crazy socks! John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son project inspired by John Lee Cronin and his love of colourful and fun socks, or what he calls his “crazy socks”.

We are all about socks: creative, fun, corny, edgy, sometimes loud, sometimes sublime, and always, personal socks. What’s right for me may not be right for you and vice versa, but if we can find socks that stand out, that vibrate with life, you might love them too.

REVIEW: HUNK² APOLLO VITESSE² – Listen in as turnipHed talks about his review of the Apollo Vitesse trunks from Hunk². Read the full review here and then head over to Hunk² to check out the hot models and get a pair for yourself.

MUNDO UNICO – The gear that started it all for turnipHed is now available at MALEBASICS. Mundo Unico is superior ergonomic underwear that is a front runner in the industry setting new standards for men’s underwear.

To celebrate the arrival of Mundo Unico we have set up a special discount code for you. Enjoy 10% off your Male Basics order with our special coupon code 39598426.


live it

KISS CAM GAY COUPLE HUMILIATED – Homophobic announcer David Simms made inexcusable, derogatory and homophobic comments at a hockey game in Sheffield. The 2 kissed and Simms called for security to “get rid of them” and called their kiss “disgusting.”

We talk about the bull shit apologies that were delivered. Read them for yourself here. Just to be clear, in case you miss it during the show, turnipHed had these words to offer Simms.

Simms, you are a fucktard, twat, asshole, entitled & ignorant piece of shit. No offence. (FUCK OFF!)turniphed

TWITTER WANTS TO KNOW WHY MEN WEAR BASKETBALL (DOINGER) SHORTS AFTER SEX – There is a phenomenon that women, and some gay men, are noticing that once the “deed is done” dudes are reaching for their crusty old basketball shorts that are on the floor beside the bed.



TWITTER THOUGHT – Did you get aroused in the men’s underwear department at your local department store when you were younger. Do you still get aroused. The boys share their stories and memories. Oh the days of a proper department store with a proper staff.

THE EPIDEMIC OF GAY LONELINESS – Please read this article and send us your input, thoughts and feedback. UrbanGuyTO gets very passionate about this topic and how we as a community or even as a culture are imploding in on ourselves and how that is damaging & killing us. We are sure to talk about this on a few occasions.

Special shout out to Ryan Russell for posting this article on social media.

HOMOPHOBIA COSTS COUNTRIES $100 BILLION – Economists argue that homophobia, anti-LGBTQ attitudes and laws have a direct effect on GDP.

Found this article about quitting smoking after publishing this episode. Shocking statistic that homosexuals are 50% more likely to smoke. I never noticed that when I was smoking.

Read the Unusual Method this Gay Man Chose to Quit Smoking


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