U.K. Home Office urges deportées to pretend they are straight to ensure their own safety


Because we chose persecution no matter where we live??


In a new policy guidance, the United Kingdom Home Office suggests LGBT asylum seekers from Afghanistan should be sent back to the country they fled, and deny their sexual orientation or gender identity in public.

Being gay is illegal in Afghanistan and sending them back will expose LGBT Afghans to abuse, prosecution, or death.

Add your name to urge them to withdraw this policy and to keep LGBT asylum seekers safe in the United Kingdom.

Just a day after learning about Abbey Kyeyune’s facing deportation from the UK for not being able to prove he is a homosexual we see that the HOME OFFICE for the UK has come out to say that it is safe for people that get deported to just pretend that they are straight when they go back to the country they flee.

The latest case refers to an Afghan citizen and sparks even more controversy but further points out that “validation of homosexuality” is pretty much bullshit. My colleague, UrbanGuyTO explains it really well in our upcoming episode of THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE #146. (To be released this following Friday)

We have made the clip available, look to the right and you will be able to listen here via this page, the clip as also been uploaded via THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE podcast feeds and will show in your subscribers feed.

Back to the point of this story; if you are deporting someone because you don’t think they are gay enough here is what we need to ask you…

Then why do you think they need to pretend they are straight when you send them back, in order to ensure their safety?

Perhaps you should just think about the blatant idiocy in that statement. Further, giving some validity to my statement about “drowning witches” and how they got it backwards.

If the suspected woman lived, she was deemed a witch and burned at the stake. Yet, if she drown, ooops she wasn’t a witch.

These actions by the HOME OFFICE and heterosexuals stem from a complete lack of understanding of what it means to be gay. That it is not a choice and that they have zero respect of homosexuals who are just trying to live a happy life.

Tune in. Read the other article I wrote and add your voice below.

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