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So if you are like me, you are thinking this hot former Go-Go Dancer decided to change career paths and went with something he knew well…underwear. Well, he did a damn good job!

First off, all YOCISCO products are made with a fabric comprised of 95% bamboo, 5% elastin. It’s soft as can be, moisture wicking, stretchy and best of all – good for the environment! Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, is easy to care for and very renewable. I applaud their use of a “green” fabric to fashion their goods from.

Second, they have formulated what they call a “lift fit pouch” which basically is a heavy seam at the base of the back of your ball sac along with a very contoured pouch that is also heavily seamed. When you sit it pushes your package forward so you’re not sitting on your manhood and gives a nice boost to your package appearance under your pants.

When standing, it also enhances the look of your crotch. There’s plenty of room in the pouch, but not so much that it is pointy, flat or otherwise funny looking if you are on the smaller side. The best way I can explain it – it feels as if someone is cradling your goods in their hand and moves them with you so that you’re never uncomfortable or have to adjust. Who wouldn’t want that?



Third – the rest. The rise of these briefs is perfect. The waistband hits right at the point on your hips just below where you wear your pants. It does not curl or fold while you’re wearing them. I’ve developed a little muffin top since I’ve not been able to work out, and these don’t come near it.

The way these briefs are put together; the pouch is one piece and the legs and seat are another and then there is a connector piece in the “taint” area. The seam on the legs and seat is like the bottom hem of a t-shirt, so you get no binding, cutting or discomfort of any sort. They just conform to your body. The connector piece has the same sort of hem, so again – nothing but comfort.

One thing to watch for:  they post their size chart on their web page and according to them, I should be wearing a Large. I ordered an Extra Large because I didn’t see the size chart when I ordered my initial two pair. The XL fit me perfectly, but I don’t like noticeably tight underwear. There is no bagging or sagging, no bunched up extra material – there is no indication that these are not my correct size. So all I can say is if you like your underwear tight, follow the size chart. If you’d rather have a more relaxed fit, size up. I’m no underwear model, but I am including pics of me in these so you can see the fit in general.

I love these briefs so much, I purchased them in every color (I hit a great cyber Monday sale at 70% off!) after I had purchased two original pair. I cannot recommend these enough, especially if you have some bulk to your package. Plus their customer service is outstanding and you get a little personally signed card with your order. Nice touch!







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What's Good

  • Made of Bamboo fabric
  • Exceptional pouch support
  • Crazy comfortable to wear

What's Not So Good

  • May run a little small
  • A bit on the pricey side if you don't catch a sale


In order to ensure the longevity of your garments & gear we recommend the following care practices.

  • Hand wash warm/tepid or machine wash on delicate, ideally in a garment bag
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Hang to dry

Following these guidelines will help preserve your gear and help it last longer. If you need an extra boost to your detergent, add borax or vinegar to the wash cycle. Oh and use an unfrangrenced fabric softener. Your balls and cock are not supposed to smell and taste like "April Mountain Breeze"!


  • Small: 28-30 inches // 71-76 centimetres
  • Medium: 32-34 inches // 81-86 centimetres
  • Large: 36-38 inches // 91-96 centimetres
  • XLarge: 40-42 inches // 101-106 centimetres



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95% Bamboo – 5% Elastin


Cisco, a Mexican-Italian designer from Denver, Colorado, began the journey towards his dream in the summer of 2013 by launching YOCISCO Underwear. YOCISCO entered the market with a limited edition brief featuring color blocking and graphic of the Denver skyline. Cisco boldly became the face of the brand pulling from his 17 years of experience in underwear modeling and male entertainment.

NOTICE: The author picked up this gear on his own dime. He's beholden to no one to say anything nice. This is his honest opinion and nothing more.

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