I’ve seen these around for a while and liked the look of them, but at 92% polyester I had my reservations.

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of fossil fuel fabrics regardless of the progress that has been made since its introduction before I was born. But I hit a good sale on these and decided to give them a try. Besides, I didn’t have a pair of this brand yet and needed it for my collection.

Based on their size chart, I should have ordered a Large. I wear either a 34 or 36 in jeans/pants depending on the brand and cut. Based on my past experience with underwear in general and a dislike for them being super tight, I ordered up to an Extra Large.

I’ve got the underwear double whammy…a bubble butt and big balls. So unless the underwear have an anatomical pouch or specifically say they have a generously contoured pouch, I always order up a size. Rarely do I regret that decision or end up with baggy drawers on. With these, I wish they had a double Extra Large (XXL) available.


These are ball-crushingly tight, and the elastic around the thighs digs in to my flesh. Around the outside of the legs is bad enough, but the tight elastic between my legs flat out hurts after a while. Made me glad I don’t have a guiche piercing yet. Because these are anchored so well around your legs, it also means that any type of bending forward makes these underwear slide down your ass. So when you stand up straight again, you either have to pull them up in back or live with the waistband being below the start of your butt crack.



I wore these one evening while going out with some friends and although they were uncomfortable, I decided to give them a chance and slept in them. I had them on for less than 15 hours and had to change underwear because they were driving me crazy.

I wish I had better things to say about these because I really do like the look of them. If you go to their website, they have a wide selection of colors, patterns, color blocking and other interesting designs.

Apparently, they don’t put a lot of emphasis on briefs because there are certainly less of them than there are jocks or trunks/boxer briefs. I will say, some of the trunks look like they have more room in front for your package.

There are also knee length and shin length styles available, along with shirts and swim suits. But even the shirts are made of the same polyester blend as the underwear are. It’s almost like they mis-named the company.

Instead of Junk Underjeans, they should have gone with Junk Undergymclothes. Because if I EVER wear these again, it would be to the gym to keep things in place while on the elliptical.

Please remember, this review is based on my personal experience with these. If your body type is different than mine or you appreciate very tight underwear, these might be right for you. They do have several items on sale as of this writing from 20% to over 50% off. It may be worth a look!

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What's Good

  • Look & design
  • Use of color blocking & patterns

What's Not So Good

  • Comfort
  • Fabric composition
  • Run small compared to size chart


In order to ensure the longevity of your garments & gear we recommend the following care practices.

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  • Hang to dry

Following these guidelines will help preserve your gear and help it last longer. If you need an extra boost to your detergent, add borax or vinegar to the wash cycle. Oh and use an unfrangrenced fabric softener. Your balls and cock are not supposed to smell and taste like "April Mountain Breeze"!


  • Small: 28-30 inches // 71-76 centimetres
  • Medium: 30-32 inches // 76-81 centimetres
  • Large: 32-34 inches // 81-96 centimetres
  • XLarge: 34-36 inches // 86-91 centimetres




Founded in 2009 as a resolve to the question; where can a fashion conscious man of any persuasion find style, fit & comfort to accommodate his Junk without having to resort to something that only comes in a 3-pack or is tight & white. It is no longer a secret that Victoria answered the needs of women...but men have their needs for fashion under apparel as well. Junk Underjeans was conceived to address the needs of the fashion conscious male by offering seasonal innovative fashion product that not only looks great on but is extremely comfortable as well. Both having diverse backgrounds in fashion apparel,the two partners Louise Lai & Sean Gregg believed that if the fashion didn’t exist in the market that they’d take on the challenge themselves and Junk Underjeans was created.

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