I am not sure if I used to be intimidated by wide waistband jockstraps or if I avoided them because they appeared claustrophobic to me. Restricting, restraining and choking. Perhaps they seemed to “old fashioned” and that is what I was rebelling against when it came to my underwear.

I did not want to look like my grandfather or that I was wearing the same kind of underwear as my grandfather.

So over the years I have tried a few and I was always disappointed and they ended up at the bottom of my drawer, borrowed by a buddy and never returned, worn just during sex or ended up as a cum rag. I braced myself when I was putting on the JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap; I was waiting to feel like I was in a turtle neck sweater.

JC Athletic has stepped up to the plate and filled the void in the jockstrap world that has been left by all these classic names ceasing production. Jockstrap Central has been around for 12 years, that means a lot of professional experience in jockstraps and thousands of customers to glean information from and not just their own thoughts and experiences on each jockstrap they have worn themselves.


Well they sure knew what they were doing when they constructed this jockstrap. I am not joking when I tell you it is super comfortable. Pouch, waistband, leg straps, they all just fall into place and do what they should do and are not at all intrusive while they are at it.

Same great blend of cotton and rubber in the pouch means you have the sturdy support you need to keep from bouncing around, room to breathe and moisture wicking to keep your junk out of the swamp.



The wide waistband fits perfectly, it is soft and it has not rolled on me once. Same with the leg straps, they slide up right under my ass cheeks and give them the lift you expect.

As is mentioned with the swimmer; if you have a meaty ass or legs you might want to entertain the idea of sizing up so that you avoid the leg straps being too tight and pulling the pouch down too much on your shaft and balls.

I have been converted. I like this wide waistband classic jockstrap and as I move to the couch to catch up on some TV and wind down for the night; I am keeping it on!

Currently only available in black or white; maybe some fun colours will be coming soon?







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What's Good

  • Perfect blend of cotton & rubber
  • Soft straps & waistband

What's Not So Good

  • Can't think of a single thing


In order to ensure the longevity of your garments & gear we recommend the following care practices.

  • Hand wash warm/tepid or machine wash on delicate, ideally in a garment bag
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Hang to dry

Following these guidelines will help preserve your gear and help it last longer. If you need an extra boost to your detergent, add borax or vinegar to the wash cycle. Oh and use an unfrangrenced fabric softener. Your balls and cock are not supposed to smell and taste like "April Mountain Breeze"!


  • Small: 26-32 inches // 66-81 centimetres
  • Medium: 32-36 inches // 81-91 centimetres
  • Large: 36-40 inches // 91-101 centimetres
  • XLarge: 40-44 inches // 101-111 centimetres
  • XXLarge: 44-48 inches // 111-121 centimetres


Cotton & Rubber


Looking for the right jockstrap with proper style and support?

The JC Athletic 3 Inch Jockstrap has a cotton moisture wicking woven pouch. With the soft cotton, a hint of rubber for stretch and shape retention and the ergonomic contouring of the pouch, we found the perfect balance between comfort and support.

The waistband is a true 3 inch wide waistband with a fine horizontal elastic ribbing up front but with a super plushed backing so it’s sturdy yet soft against your skin. With our nod to the classics you’ll find a subtle JC Athletic logo front and centre and care instruction label on the back.

Who is Jockstrap Central

Jockstrap Central began in 2005 when partners Adrian Dobson & John Taite put their passions and talents together and created an amazing online store highlighting jockstraps.

Not only are the 2 business partners but life partners, finally tying the knot in 2012 and continue to bring their strong passion for gear and business sense to each and every dude out there from those that have a casual interest in jockstraps, need them for sports or are gear hounds alike.

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