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Somebody out there explain to me how requesting to boost a post where I talk about the Pride and Remembrance Run, here in Toronto, for 2017, in which we are taking part and are looking for donations, is soliciting sexual or adult products or services?

This is the actual post, copy and paste;


TEAM TURNIPSTYLE is continuing the tradition and participating in this years Pride & Remembrance Run to help raise money for some outstanding LGBTQ Charities.

As we put our rubber to the road we ask you to reach into your pockets and throw a little cash our way – every little bit helps and it means more to us than you could EVER imagine!

Visit to make your donation. Find out more about the Pride Run at – thanks again!

This is the image I used, after getting it for free at a website call

I just got a follow up message that nudity and cleavage is not allowed in photos! I bet you would have a better chance of finding Waldo in that photo then finding any nudity or cleavage.

So what I have to say is a big old WTF?

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turnipHed is the Chief Editor at TURNIPSTYLE, Presenter & Producer of THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE. The lifestyle magazine and podcast for [GBTQ+] Men.

  • John Taite#1

    19 May 2017 (Friday)

    “HOMOPHOBIC OR JUST INCOMPETENT” When they block our boosted posts, I accuse them of being homophobic, sexiest , lazy or all of the above. 50% of the time they will reverse their decision.

    • turnipHed#2

      19 May 2017 (Friday)

      Oh I did call them homophobic in my response letter. “Oh it looked like the URL was pointing to something sexual”. So that means you didn’t click on it! Further more while we are very pro sexuality and expression, we do not sell sex here. If you can buy a dildo on Amazon along with your Windex, paper towels and that fan you wanted for the den, it just goes to show how puritanical, oppressive and homophobic Facebook REALLY is.

  • John Dorsey#3

    19 May 2017 (Friday)

    I think they’re both but mostly incompetent. They knee jerk respond on most things when anyone click on the report button. Rarely does FB check the post before they flag and delete it.

  • turnipHed#4

    20 May 2017 (Saturday)

    So last night while I was asleep I received an email telling me they were standing firm. I said, “fine after reflection, I don’t want to give Facebook one red cent of what little money I have, even if I am hoping to get donations for some awesome charities I am trying to raise money for by doing the run.”

    I further said that the matter was closed and not to contact me again. I was not interested in any business with a homophobic, incompetent and lazy organization.

    Went back to sleep.

    Woke up this morning and was approved. Then 15 mins. later I was denied again.

    What a bunch of useless fucktards!


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