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How the fucking fuck do you prove your gay? How the fuck are you going to prove to me your straight? How fucking ignorant is the Home Office. Is this their first day on the job?

Can you tell I am pissed off? Actually, on this topic I think I left pissed off behind me a long time ago.

What is the test to prove your homosexuality? Would I fail because I engage in sex with both cis and trans gendered men? What does a heterosexual need to know to determine the level or degree of someone’s sexuality?

More examples of a HETERONORMATIVE world that tries to stifle the homosexual community. We are a unique people with many variations, cultures and sub cultures. We are defined by more then the genitals we play with.

I am referring to an article that was published today in the Gay Star News; “Gay asylum seeker faces deportation after failing to prove he’s gay” and the irony was I also came across the headline, “Tell-all book reveals young straight TV stars having secret gay sex behind the scenes” in the exact same newsletter.

Straight people are having gay sex behind closed doors. Gay man can’t prove to straight people he is gay.

So what I am hearing is that the Home Office is more than comfortable to send this man home and see what happens if he gets killed or not.

Sounds a bit like the good old days of drowning a suspected witch. If she drowns she was not a witch. If she lives she is a witch.

What kind of fuckery is this in 2017

Another good article was written by the Independent that is worth a read.

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