This past week I, turnipHed, have received warnings from Facebook about posting nudity or sexually explicit material. Along with said warnings was a collection of photos that were found to be objectionable.

I have included these photos in this article.

spandex cycling

Above you see an illustration which has been on my personal page as my banner for pretty much 6 years. Every since I was diagnosed with a multitude of heart conditions adding up to Congestive Heart Failure and required a pacemaker.

The one to the left is like the photo from a post that “broke the camel’s back” and resulted in my 24 hour suspension. The actual photo was an older photo for a promotion that is not available any more however the essences is the same dude in boxer briefs with his back to the camera.

I was told that posting nudity and sexually explicit material was contrary to the acceptable usage policy and my account would be suspended from posting anything for the next 24 hours.

Here is a gallery of the other photos that were included in this message that I was told to remove or they would be removed for me.

You will see them here to the right, feel free to click on them to make them larger.

To prove my point, perhaps just for myself, that this is an exercise in homophobia I did a search for “bikini” and “bikini babes” came up as the suggested hit. I sure got an eye full of women in skimpy bikinis and tiny g strings in all sorts of poses. Many that would facilitate coitus quite easily.


I don’t care what those other people, pages or groups post or do, my point is what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Facebook calls itself a “tech company” and not a media company. This is how they get away with their censorship and they really don’t give a fuck who they piss off.

Look at the recent open letter to Mark Zuckerberg that was published on the front page of Norway’s largest newspaper.

So where does that leave us? Well I will no longer be trying to build an audience on Facebook for turnipStyle. I will leave the page up there and what happens to it happens to it. I will still syndicate our postings, but you will only see text. There will be no photos.

I will also not be using Facebook in any way shape or form to promote or share what is going on at turnipStyle in the way of special promotions, events or contests. We have a contest running right now and a HUGE one coming up. Make sure you don’t miss out.

This may still be problematic because I used the word “ass” in the offending post and that was cited to me as well as inappropriate. I will not be censoring my titles or the contents of any URLs.

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About author


turnipHed is the Chief Editor at TURNIPSTYLE, Presenter & Producer of THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE. The lifestyle magazine and podcast for [GBTQ+] Men.

  • UrbanGuyTO#1

    21 Sep 2016 (Wednesday)

    I whole heartedly agree tH. It is outrageous Facebook would take this kind of action again such benign images.

    Way worse images and words are posted and shared on Facebook daily.

    The basis of this “censorship” isn’t censorship at all really. It has a lot more to do with Facebook trying to control all narratives in all aspects of our lives. The want to direct the content to their goals. Facebook users are so stupid they feed Facebook control by continuing to use the service and post content.

    I left Facebook a number of years ago and am glad I did. Most users have no idea how much Facebook does to compromise their personal security and safety by selling all kinds of metrics to all kinds of companies for all kinds of reasons – none of which usually have anything to do with helping users. They just make Facebook richer.

    Facebook isn’t free. You pay for Facebook every time you use it and give away your personal details, thoughts, ideas and media for free. Users are tricked into creating content Facebook then uses as a commodity they can sell.

    It is NOT a platform for the free exchange of ideas nor is it a very good forum for any honest discussion because the moment Facebook deems the conversation objectionable (for whatever reasons; usually profit driven) they end it.

    They allow all kinds of corporate interests to post all kinds of advertisements and propaganda to trick people into using or buying goods and services they don’t need and might actually be harmful to them but they’ll shut down any page or posters who trying to start a protest against animal cruelty or organize for civil disobedience against a corporate initiative.

    Facebook is NOT on your side. They are on the side of huge corporate business and the rich few who control those interests.

    Folks need to wake-up and realize corporations have no interest in free speech, sharing real ideas or thoughts nor do they have any interest I helping marginalized groups find a voice. They are interested in profits. Pure. Simple. Profits. If anything in any way threatens the value of their good, service or investment those CEOs, Boards of Directors and shareholders want it shut down immediately.

    I am glad we’ll be “off Facebook” and hope others stop just blindly complying with Facebook directives on how we should share ideas and thoughts and find other platforms for those exchanges.

    Facebook is a service. If enough people protest and refuse to use it Facebook will have to change to adapt or die and go the way of fax machines. Users have that choice. Just stop using it and tell Facebook why you’re stopping use of the service.


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