Brave Person Fashion Men's Sports Fitness Pants Vogue Yoga Long Pants Brave Person Yoga Pants bring you a light weight, athletic tight and a chance to show of some VPL if you want to!

Brave Person is not a new topic at turnipStyle and exercise tights or yoga pants are always a good find. When you can find them.

Men have very limited choices when it comes to athletic tights and often they are not that affordable.

So when I see a pair I think might be good I usually go for it and buy them. Combine finding athletic tights with an affordable price and I usually just buy, buy, buy. Ha.

I discovered these athletic tights through a gear buddy.

I decided to take a chance and try an online generic unknown brand.

I had never heard of the brand and suspect it is just some kind of knock-off type generic brand.

Nevertheless, they are good tights.

These Brave Person tights are pretty basic but well made.

Brave Person Fashion Men's Sports Fitness Pants Vogue Yoga Long Pants With an 80% nylon and 20% spandex fabric blend there is nothing special about the tights except they are very lightweight.

I like the snug but not overly tight feeling while wearing them.

The light support they provide is good. The stitching is pretty basic. It is flat stitching which helps and an extra panel over the ass makes for a good fit.

If you need warm tights with moderate-to-good support, these are not the tights for you; they are pretty thin, as you can see in the photo to the left, and do not have a pouch construction design. You would want to explore wearing a jockstrap under these. Which in itself would be hot too.

But if you need lightweight exercise tights for lounging or activities like yoga these would fit the bill.

You can find these Brave Person Yoga Pants, they are officially labeled as, “Fashion Men’s Sports Fitness Pants Vogue Yoga Long Pants”  like I did on Amazon. Just be patient on the shipping wait times!

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  • turniphed#1

    18 Jan 2015 (Sunday)

    Did you get those from China? 😉

  • ac301#2

    23 Jan 2015 (Friday)

    These look pretty sleek and hug you well. Just don’t wear them in San Diego :-p

  • UrbanGuyTO#3

    28 Jan 2015 (Wednesday)

    @ac301 yeah, wouldnt go over well I guess. But damn, they are great tights!

  • turnipHed#4

    29 Jan 2015 (Thursday)

    Well I would say that even for San Diego he is all covered. There is no exposed flesh/thighs to be seen.


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