Criticism that LGBTQ blogs are not lending voice to the story of 2 lesbians that are facing 20+ years in Kuwaiti prison.

Kuwait Towers

After active duty, Monique and her partner Larissa later returned to Kuwait to work as military contractors.

On the the morning of May 8, 2015, their house was raided and police confiscated one ounce of a ‘tobacco-like’ substance.

It was sent to a lab in Germany for analysis, and it was determined to be a substance that is completely legal in Kuwait.

Yet, Kuwaiti officials held them in prison anyway.

After 8 months of uncharged incarceration, the one ounce of legal substance magically turned into one pound of marijuana, and on January 12, 2016, Monique and Larissa were sentenced to 20-25 years  in prison.Unicorn Booty

I approached this from the perspective of the rainbow, since it was a huge point of discussion that these women were lesbians. However, their charges did not stem from any “same-sex” related charges.

Nonetheless, circumstances are speculative that homosexuality does have some aspect in the turn of events here.

Furthermore, pertaining to this story, it is well known that alcohol and drugs are not permitted in countries that have certain aspects of Islamic Law within their penal code. Kuwait is currently a country with alcohol prohibition.

The question remains: Why push your luck?

I chimed in on the conversation on Google+ as and this is what happened.

We have been blocked from Phoenix Rising. I used my personal account to check up on the conversation.

White, conservative,gay, men are a helluva lot like white, conservative, het men: They both despise women, under the hoodPhoenix Rising
+Phoenix Rising I hate to agree with your sentiment but I think you’re correct.Rudy Vasquez
What do you want blogs to say that has not already been said? Kuwait is NOT a country that is safe for homosexuals.

This is not news.

Many countries are not safe for homosexuals, this is readily available information. Punishments range from deportation all the way up to capital punishment.

Do we agree with this homophobia, of course we don’t, we abhor it. It is also why we don’t support the economies that are homophobic or “anti-gay”.

We all know that not wearing your seat belt is unsafe, but if some one chooses to not wear theirs and is killed in an accident, are we all supposed to get up in arms about it. A foolish decision does not a hero make.

Pressure on these governments and cultures are the only way to fix this; and it will take lifetimes for it to change. This sentiment includes the couple that were arrested on the cruise ship for having sex on their balcony in port.

A case that should be heard and people should be focusing on is the harassment of the lesbian couple by the off duty officer in Honolulu.

I am not sure why anyone would want to visit the place in the first place… Of all the places on earth… But they’re American citizens, and 20 years is WAY too harsh, like many of their laws in a modern world… Phoenix Rising
+Phoenix Rising What does “American citizens” have to do with it! They went to another country and broke their laws and that is the punishment.

What is this “modern” world you speak of?
Their laws are backwards, archaic, rooted in an old religion that promoted slavery. What History books are you reading? Homosexuality’s is not a sin, and citizens of ALL countries are afford the right of protection by their government, wether at home or abroad. Phoenix Rising
Ok and this differed from Christianity….how? You certainly can not be saying that these protections are available in the United States?

It does not matter what you think of the law or the degree of its relevance; if you want to visit that country you are bound by those laws and you must respect them.

Do not like the laws? Then do not go there! oh puhleeze! All of the West is not Christian and in any event have made far, far bigger strides in protecting civil rights of more people than the average ME country. This isn’t about who’s perfect either, so don’t bother with that line if argument. A perfect society you will not find any time soon. But England, for example, have long since poor their laws about imprisoning someone for being homosexual behind them, as has most of western Europe and that states. If a foreign national goes to a university in the West to learn medicine, the country does not either require then to adopt homosexuality, just respect the rights of those who are. Are you seriously arguing these two trying when have no rights and should be in prison for TWENTY YEARS because they can’t change their fundamental nature while traveling? Step into the 21st century, please, because from here you sound like you live in a cave. They’re Americans. They were permitted travel. And you don’t know the full story anyway, so shut it.Phoenix Rising

This is where it really gets good… and YOU sell steroids over the internet but are taking about what’s illegal. Now isn’t THAT rich! LOL BLOCKED. Phoenix Rising

Firstly, let us address the “selling of steroids”

turnipStyle in no way, shape or form sells anything. We do trade, on occasion, advertising space on this site for special discount codes or contest prizes for our readers and listeners.

We are a blog and podcast dedicated to genuine, non judgemental, sex positive discussions for men. Ideally with the focus of body image when it comes to wearing a buying; underwear, swimwear and fetish gear.

We also speak to LGBTQ lifestyle and political issues that affect or concern us.

To make such a grave accusation is not only dangerous, it only goes to harm your vindication and platform in this discussion, quoted above, from Google+.

We ask that you kindly retract your false statement.

Secondly, if you wish to talk about how great America is, I would love to have a discussion with about the recent bill that passed, unanimously I might add, in the House, titled HB 757 or the FADA Bill. (First Amendment Defence Act).

This bill allows the discrimination and persecution of homosexuals buy individuals in the state of Georgia, based on their religious beliefs.

I urge all of you to visit Protect Thy Neighbour and read the scary facts about this bill.

So my question in all this has been, “Is this the America that Phoneix Rising has been referring to that is the “modern world”?”  What really is the issue that Phoenix Rising wants us all to take up. The “lesbian discussion” or the “harmful yet harmless magically turning into marijuana” story?

Seems like it is the same bullshit, just wears a different hat.

Oh and as for visiting another country. Educate yourself! Can’t do the time? Don’t do the crime!

At the time of publishing this article the Google+ discussion was published at The original article was published by Unicorn Booty.



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