RyanTime TVLive in Toronto? Coming to Toronto? Are you looking for something new to do with your Tuesday nights, you should head down to Woody’s on Tuesday night for some RyanTime TV.

What is RyanTime TV? Who is this Ryan?

Well faithful followers of turnipStyle have heard of and seen Ryan, in all his GLORY, on many occasions.

Ryan is a man that turnipStyle has a lot of respect for. Not only is he very sex positive, he is passionate about his projects and is always out going and excited to share his passion with anyone.

Ryan Russell decided it was time for a fresh, sexy, and playful take on the personality interview show with a decidedly gay twist.

He incorporates activity-based interviews, performances, and variety show entertainment that celebrates dynamic personalities and talents. If you happen to miss an episode live you can always catch up on RyanTime TV.

Watch here at turnipStyle for more updates and information!



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turnipHed is the Chief Editor at TURNIPSTYLE, Presenter & Producer of THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE. The lifestyle magazine and podcast for [GBTQ+] Men.

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