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Richard Hammond Doesn't Eat Ice Cream
Sir, I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.
Neapolitan Ice Cream – I always thought of it more as chocolate, no flavour and tastes like pink!
Now here we are told that ice creams is only for the gays? Well fuck me there are lots of guys that I know that ate ice cream and they aren’t gay – what did I do wrong?

Wait I know, it was the Neapolitan ice cream. Couldn’t decide if it was chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. That wishy washy ice cream made me gay! Ironically it was my bible thumping grandparents that served it to me.

Richard Hammond, colleagues of the famous Jeremy Clarkson who got himself fired from the BBC for unacceptable behaviour; violence in the work place. Plus, we would be remiss not mentioning his racism, made some inflammatory comments during the “Happy Finnish Christmas” episode which the audience was not sure how to handle.

Clarkson made a comment about the consumption of ice cream and driving a luxury car; and that drivers “could not enjoy a chocolate Magnum ice-cream”.


To which Hammond replied;

Sir, I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.Richard Hammond
Amazon Prime Video
The Grand Tour
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May. The cast of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.

When I was a kid I remember my mother using such phrases as “real men don’t eat quiche” and “he is a little light in his loafers” and not really understanding what they meant.

Quiche? What is wrong with quiche? It’s an omelette in a bowl of tasty pastry goodness. It is like a fancy egg sandwich! Men eat sandwiches. I saw it all the time; those big burly truckers and construction workers with their massive lunch kits full of sandwiches. Man eat sandwich.

Then “light in his loafers” well that flew right over my head. Dress shoes barely weighed anything and as a kid if you are going to stop around and be all monster and menacing like you didn’t wear your dress shoes. There were already light shoes; almost slippers, but everyone was wearing them. At the fancy restaurants and at church and stuff. Didn’t get it.

So growing up I learned that these of course were references to what we call today as “gender stereotypes” and manly masculine men don’t eat delicate food like quiche and real men wear work boots 24/7.

Ice Cream is just for the Gays
Neapolitan Ice Cream - It made turnipHed gay!

Are we really surprised? Have you ever watched “Top Gear”? The show that Clarkson and Hammond used to be on? Did you not notice the lack of personality & intelligence? I mean real life intelligence, like maybe how to interact with the world around themselves, outside their bubble.

What I find really interesting here is that their new show “The Grand Tour” is an Amazon-Prime production. You know Amazon-Prime, right? The company that made a massive breakthrough in LGBTQ+ entertainment offerings in mainstream media by offering us the show “Transamerica”.

Trying to put a face and a reality to the life of transgendered individuals and to humanize them; give each of them a face and then turn around and host a show with Clarkson, fired as mentioned above, and Hammond that make comments like this.



Seems kind of counter productive? Or is it just about the cash instead of sending a message for Amazon? I did not really think that inclusion meant we had to welcome homophobia and belligerence into our circles.

Sure we can’t be sure what will come out of anyone’s mouth, but the decision to air the recorded content, in my mind is Amazon-Prime telling us that behaviour and comments are acceptable.

Well since it is finally afternoon, it is time for this Faggot to indulge in some leftover Christmas Sugar Cookies and, yup you guessed it, ICE CREAM!

I wonder if there is a Gay Discount on ice cream I should be asking for?



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  • Go4DJ1104


    28 Dec 2016 (Wednesday)

    What doesn’t these days? Lol.

  • NicoLorenzo#2

    07 Jan 2017 (Saturday)

    I did not have Neapolitan Ice Cream much as a child, but I did in fact turn out gay. In fact, I knew I was always gay or different from a young age. I am sure glad TurnipHed ate Neapolitan Ice Cream! I like him just the way he is, Gay!


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