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As the winter holiday season approaches and no matter what holiday you celebrate or if you just use the time of year as an excuse to get together with friends and loved ones, you will be seeing the all too familiar Salvation Army Kettle drive in malls, shops and street corners.

This also means that it is time to remind you that The Salvation Army is not a charity.

The Salvation Army is an evangelical church which uses money donated during the Holiday Season to fund such activities as to actively oppress the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Even by that definition, it is pretty clear that is not charity at all. If you look up the definition of charity in the dictionary there is no sub-clause or disclaimer that states charity comes with conditions. Charity is the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick, etc.; also :something (such as money or food) that is given to people who are poor, sick, et cetera.

As clearly as Zinnia Jones, of the Huffington Post points out that even though The Salvation Army has come under fire for its anti-LGBTQ+ stance the church clearly states that;

Scripture opposes homosexual practices by direct comment and also by clearly implied disapproval. The Bible treats such practices as self-evidently abnormal. … Attempts to establish or promote such relationships as viable alternatives to heterosexually-based family life do not conform to God’s will for society.

Even thought The Salvation Army has removed such anti-LGBTQ+ language from their website, their stance still remains the same. I will redraw your attention to the above statement.

You may also not be aware that in the past The Salvation Army was quick to threaten to close all soup-kitchens in New York City instead of follow ordinances that extended equality to LGBTQ+ individuals. In fact, The Salvation Army turned down a contract from the City of San Francisco for such reasons and continue to threaten such actions in other jurisdictions. The church even denies equality to those that work for them. (That is another baffling conversation for another day).


support without judgement

There are many ways you can help out. Not just during the winter holiday season. Here are a couple suggestions you could consider.

  • Make a donation to your local LGBTQ Community centre. They run programs and are there to help a wide spectrum of LGBTQ+ folks without any questions asked.
  • Keep your HIV/AIDS awareness organizations in mind.

Since we have an international reader base here it would be way too complicated to list specific charities; but everyone of you has LGBTQ+ charities in your area, just hit up Google and do a search for lgbtq charities in your area.

Ironically and most offensively, when I went to Google and did a generic search for LGBT CHARITIES, “The Salvation Army” was the first search result!

Figure that shit out!

For our Canadian readers; the Charity Village publishes a list of Canadian Charities that focus on the LGBTQ communities. Take a look here.

For our readers in the USA here is a list of the Top 5 LGBT Charities in the US as compiled by Queerty.

For our International readers, the University of Michigan Spectrum Centre has compiled this list.

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