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A couple episodes ago we mentioned that we were going to open up the podcast to address the conversation about LGB and T agendas, what the letters stood for and what the conversations were really about.

EPISODE 088: SHAF+TBefore we get into the references from the show let’s talk about some housekeeping.

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What sparked this conversation was the appearance of Caitlyn Jenner on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Season 13 Episode 01.

Watch: Ellen Talks Gay Marriage with Caitlyn Jenner. It Gets Weird

We had heard about it but had not seen it, so we watched the episode while we had supper and briefed. We also watched, as a follow up, an appearance by Ellen DeGeneres on the Howard Stern Sirius Radio Show.

Watch: Ellen DeGeneres on Caitlyn Jenner’s Gay Marriage Stance

Not going to provide much more than links here to the articles we talked about; it was an awesome and in-depth conversation and you should just listen in and then weigh in with your comments below.

Tyler Curry Weighs In: Huffington PostWhy Gay Rights and Trans Rights Should Be Separated

By being part of the same-sex acronym, trans individuals are rarely recognized as a unique group that requires its own specific agenda to obtain equality. Instead, they are often considered an obscure and misunderstood subgroup of the gay community.

Transgender Activism in Canada – Pioneers of transgender activism

Historical images from the Transgender Archive at the University of Victoria

Meet Canada’s Only Transgender Federal Election Candidate Jennifer McCreath is Canada’s only transgender candidate running in this federal election

Everyone said I didn’t have any chance at all. Initially, I couldn’t get anyone to work with me. Nobody would sign my nomination papers,” she said. “But six weeks later, I walked away with close to 6,000 votes — 17 per cent of the popular vote.

Fantasia FairFantasia Fair is a week-long celebration of gender diversity and the longest-running annual conference in the transgender world.

Started in 1975, “Fan Fair” is the oldest and longest-running event of it’s kind. Every year the Fair grows in its scope, character, and assistance to the gender explorer. Fantasia Fair continues to be the leading annual program promoting a gender-variant individual’s ability to thrive in real-life situations.

UrbanGuyTO brings up the question touching on the difference between; drag queens, transvestites, transsexuals, transgender.  turnipHed tries to explain it the best as he can.

  • Drag Queen – dresses for art, theatre, performing, expression. Not a sexual or gender identity discussion.
  • Transvestites – enjoys wearing clothes of the opposite sex and sometimes makeup. May or may not be a sexual discussion, but is not gender identity discussion.
  • Transsexuals – enjoys wearing clothing, usually fetish clothing, of the opposite sex and gets sexual gratification from doing so. Also may enjoy role play as the opposite sex during sex activities. This is not a gender identity discussion or a sexual identity discussion. Transsexuals may be hetero, homo or bisexual. This is a branch of their sexual activities.
  • Transgendered – the gender that a person self identifies as does not match their physical body, physiology, biology but does match their psychology. This is a gender identity discussion but transgendered is not a sexual identity discussion. Transgendered people will have a sexual identity discussion separate from their sexual identity.

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