Grunt JockI have been looking forward to this jockstrap from Fort Troff for a while now and was so pumped to finally get to drop my cock and balls into one.

During this week’s Voice of turnipStyle podcast both turnipHed and I pulled them on and gave you guys our thoughts live as we tried them on the first time.

But I wanted to write a short review to give you guys a better idea of what I was talking about and to put up some photos up so you can see how the jockstrap fits.

The Fort Troff Meat Shield Jockstrap is a damn good jockstrap.

It is heavy duty high quality construction clearly built to hold up to rough play between you and your jockstrap buds.  Its made of good heavy weight fabric with solid stitching to hold it all together.

The kick-ass camo colour I got is great.  Just seeing it gave my cock reason to twitch some.  Also features the great FT Grunt signature waistband along with always cool Fort Troff Gear pig patch on the back.

By far the best feature of this jock is the great comfortable waistband.  It is a wide waistband that is super soft and like the extra wide leg straps it sits in place and doesn’t roll.

Downside of this jockstrap for me is I find the pouch constrictive.  It is a comfortable pouch.  But it is not roomy enough for me making me feel like my cock is being squashed some in the pouch.  Maybe after breaking it in more with some play it will fit better, but for now my cock isn’t too happy about being crammed into the snug pouch.

Otherwise its a great piece of gear to add to your collection.  I plan on wearing mine lots both in and out of the bedroom.

NOTE:  That is the Fort Troff Armor Up cockring I am wearing while writing the review in my jockstrap.  If you haven’t gotten an Armor Up cockring yet, you need to get one.  It is by far the best cockring I’ve ever worn.  I will be putting a review of that cockring into the Gear Room soon.


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