REVIEW: CellBlock 13 Fugitive Short


CellBlock 13 Fugitive ShortCycling-style shorts have always been a huge turn on for me.  Something about the tight fit and huge bulge they create.

The CellBlock 13 Fugitive Short is right there at the top of the list of gear I really enjoy wearing.

Built in a traditional way, there is nothing traditional about the hot twists CellBlock 13 add to these tight shorts.

Made out of a great nylon/spandex fabric mix the shorts have solid panels over the ass and thighs, and mesh panels over the hips and crotch.

These shorts don’t leave much to the imagination with a full mesh pouch up front.

The overall fit and feel of these shorts is amazing.  The wide soft waistband is very comfortable and the detailed stitching is solid and adds an erotic look to the shorts.

The pouch is contoured and has plenty of stretch to accommodate your cock and balls – even if you are wearing a cockring like I usually am when I pull them on for a night out.

While the mesh over the hips looks and feels great, I am not a big fan of the mesh on the pouch.  As turnipHed and I have discussed a few times here on the blog and in our Voice of turnipStyle podcast, the mesh tends to pinch and rub the head of my cock the wrong way after prolong wear.

You’re probably not going to work out or go cycling in these shorts, but you will certainly enjoy wearing them as support trunks under your shorts for the gym or for a hot night out dancing in your underwear.

You can pick up at pair at Jockstrap Central right now on sale.



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