Miss OTIS Regrets…


Turbolift_shaft[1]Well I am fucked.  Royally fucked.  Sideways.  Backwards and Upsidedown.  You name it – I am fucked!

New information about the state of the elevators here at my building.  Parts will not make it until Monday and they expect they will be operational no sooner than Friday, hopefully.


How is this okay?  How is this level of negligence acceptable?

I am not just talking about this being an inconvenience for me.  I am talking about an elevator is a necessity for me.  I am not physically able to ascend 18 stories.  Fuck I would be lucky if I could do 3 before I went back into V-Tach and then had to wait and hope to recover to climb another 3 and do it all over again.

Just because I am not confined to a wheelchair or a walker doesn’t mean that an elevator is no a necessity for me.

Now sure if I had to leave in an emergency, with no hope of coming back, I could go DOWN the stairs, but what about those people that are confined to a mobility aid device?

How does this level of neglect and negligence get to this point?

I can’t think of any industry that involves the moving of human beings from Point A to Point B that could get away a forced shut down on this level and get away with it.

I am just curious as to what they expect those like me to do for a week.

I am also curious as to how much they will be refunding me on my rent for this month and what kind of fines they face, if any.

BTW – did you catch the pun with the title of this post?

Guess this means I have NO EXCUSES for getting caught up on my reviews and such!


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  • Vaughn Stuart#1

    03 Apr 2014 (Thursday)

    Your pun was not missed; in fact it was my first smile this morning. I have always wondered about accountability for this type of inconvenience. Surely there must be some legal recourse for those affected, because as you said there are many people who would basically be a prisoner in their own home without an elevator. Perhaps it is time for an advocacy group to be started for this potentially life threatening situation.


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