Hey guys, here are the links and information for Episode 27: Shaft Talk! Snap The Strap Wireless Armour РRadiation protective underwear. Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in Toronto Out In the Line-up Folsom Forever Scruff Riders Gear Life Manview at Moda Audaci Phys Ed Shorts at Andrew Christian New Balance Running...

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This is why we tell you to wear your speedo and ditch those ugly board shorts!!!

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That’s right – Share the Shaft! We were a little short on this one but hey still brought you some good content! Snap the Strap Fines for Sagging in Louisiana First Speedo Experience shared by a Listener Gay/Bi Men giving blood Snap and share your underwear sightings Ask Us a...

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Review: Cock Armor Cockring

Over the last few years I have discovered the real pleasure of sporting a good cockring on my cock and balls.

While it started out as a pure sexual tool to keep me good and hard during fuck and bate sessions, lately I’ve really found value in my cockrings as “penis jewelry” and a legitimate male accessory when I decide to go out in or out of gear.

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REVIEW: N2N Combat Wrestler Singlet

N2N Bodywear has done a number of great singlets over the years, but the N2N Combat Wrestler singlet has to be one of the hottest they have produced.

This erotic singlet fits so great and has such great features its is hard to pass it up.

N2N Bodywear is more know for thier super sleek looking underwear, swimsuits, jockstraps and lounge wear. What a lot of guys don’t look for is their erotic wear which can make a guy very stiff.

I was somewhat skeptical about the super-low slung design, but it fits great and rides just at the perfect height to show off some pubes without giving away too much at the base of your shaft.

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Offering you another ‘WONDERJOCK’ swimwear style, with precision style. Using the concept of the ‘SPLICE SERIES’ this redesigned concept has a sporty look while maintaining a masculine look and various colours to reflect individual tastes.

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