Summertime and the Living is Easy




Nautical Striped SpeedoSo with summer hitting up here in Toronto, I have the bug to be outside in the sun as naked as possible.  I want to feel those warm summer rays on my skin, smell the summer air, sweat, play, live live live!

I have been having a few conversations, across many media platforms, and it’s gotten me to thinking about swim gear and who wears what and why.

I keep thinking back to being a kid, and how I hated wearing “swim shorts” because all the grown up men wear wearing speedos.

Ya sure I looked at their bulges but it really wasn’t about that .  I will be going more into that aspect of my life in The Gear Room; but you will have to become a member to read it.

I just wanted to be a grown up.  I wanted to be a big boy.

Honestly, I didn’t care how I looked in the speedo.  I didn’t care how big my bulge was.  I was 12.  I just wanted to wear a grown up swim suit not what the little boys wore…I didn’t want to be a little boy any more.

I found some validation in a conversation that I had with UrbanGuyTo about some swimming lessons he took.  He has not written anything about it yet but I have been trying to encourage him to write about it.  Let’s cross our fingers…

The entire concept of body image was completely oblivious to me…I just saw confidence and maturity.  NOT old…but when I say maturity I mean growing into yourself and who you are and enjoying the comfort of that.

greenspeedos: rugged hottieUrbanGuyTO and I have had many conversations about the bastardization of men and the fact they have a bulge between their legs.

To see a man in briefs on TV is a RARE occurrence and it all boils down to the “perceived evil” of having a penis and testicles.

But this is not about that.  It’s also not about body image.


I get so angry when I hear people make comments such as; “the only ones nude at the nude beach” or ” the only ones in a speedo” are the only ones that shouldn’t be…

Well what I have to say that – FUCK OFF!

Wear what you want; be naked as you want.  You have what ya have and it’s your responsibility and no one can shame you.

And for all of you that make the comments or comments LIKE what I said above are BULLIES.

We find it abhor able when kids are bullied and some even end up taking their own lives because of this bullying.

Yet do you do the same or do you strip down and enjoy yourself?

Anyway, what I want to leave you with is this.   Summer is here for us in the Northern Hemisphere, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere please remember this, be strong be proud and get out there and enjoy your summer. ((minimize those tan lines!))

And BTW – I think it is very important that you watch this, “Dance Like No One is Watching” – it is important.

Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death…

Please don’t starve!  But maybe just maybe the one thing you can take from this is do not be ashamed or allow people to shun you for having a dick and balls.

Further if these dudes all ripped in speedos look good to you maybe you will put down that last chicken wing, maybe eat a salad, walk to the store, who knows…

I do not expect ya to look like they do – I just want you to be healthy, confident and proud!!!


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