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Raw Dawg 04

Very proud to tell you that we have finally have this section set up so you will now get to enjoy more posts about gear, tools, toys and life and how they all fit together.

So to start it all off I wanted to talk to you about the latest addition to my toy collection. The Raw Dawg from Fort Troff.

I am not even sure where to begin.  This has got to be one of the best inventions ever.  This piece of heaven functions as a butt plug, cock extender, jack off tool and the ultimate in expanding any man’s sexual experience.



This is my first post of this nature discussing all of this so please bear with me while I work it all out and find my groove.

So let’s first talk about having this slid up my butt and how good it felt just inside me.  I did my usual cleaning up routine prior to any play ((however this tool gives you the option of answering the call without the full on shower, douche, clean-up experience, should that call arise out of the blue.)) and used my lube injector to inject a healthy dose of my dual J-Lube blends.  ((That I will go over in a future post))

So as the dudes at Fort Troff say,

This knotted k-9 shaft is 3 TOYS IN ONE…a cock sheath…a butt plug…and a jack-off toy. Unlike other cock sheaths, the Raw Dawg is not anchored to your cock, but knots and stays in his hole…the ultimate freedom for the Top. And yeah, it’s ass-pluggin’ sensory OVERLOAD for his bitch bottom.

I am not fully on board here with the K9 references other than to say that they flare at the base does perform its function of staying in your ass.  Because of the density of this silicone I found it filling but not offensive or uncomfortable.  I guess the best way to put it would be that I felt properly “caressed”.

Raw Dawg 03This definitely can not be used as a dildo so do keep in mind that once it is in, it really only does its job when it is in.  You will require a stiff cock or proper dildo for the full on anal experience here.

What I super enjoyed with this tool was…well I can not just say just one thing.  I loved how it increased the stretch and the pressure I felt inside my ass.

So what is super awesome with this tool is while you’re getting fucked you don’t experience that annoying friction that often can wear you out and detract from the real pleasures of fucking.  That is what has usually caused me to want to stop.  I do not enjoy chaffing!

I have also used this tool for jacking off and hello boys it’s fucking amazing.  I can’t speak to what it is like to stick my shaft in it and fuck an ass but there is always another day.



Jacking off with it was awesome.  A little clumsy at first to be honest. Mostly because at first the tool is a bit floppy but once you’re fully shafted up, pump away and enjoy!

I was very surprised how the textured tunnel felt on my cock. In fact, I think I heard myself say, “Oh fuck ya!” and not wanting it to end.

Again, I wasn’t over stimulated but definitely felt my eyes roll into the back of my head and could only imagine what it would be like to fuck it.  It also kind of brought back a teen age memory of the baggy with Crisco between the mattress and box spring and drilling that with my stubborn erection.  It was either that or I could have fucked a concrete wall!

It is very important to note that The Raw Dawg is safe with all lubes.Be sure to wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

While the Raw Dawg is made of thick material, please be warned that Perfect Fit does NOT warrant its use as a substitute for a condom.

The Raw Dawg is exclusive to Fort Troff and is available for a cost of $59.90.  Shipping is extra and the costs for shipping depend on location and expedient you wish to receive your package.

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