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I’ve been getting hard-ons about this area on turnip Style Dot Com ever since turnipHed let me know he was considering a “members” area for the blog.

Gives us a bit more flexibility to post explicit reviews, stories about gear and just generally worry less about censoring what we say for a general audience.

If you are here in the Gear Room expect hard-core adult discussions and material.  This is a playground where we’re gonna lube up and play the way MEN do – hard! 

If you don’t want to see that, then click away somewhere else.  Otherwise, drop your pants and hands on your cocks!

RAW DAWG by Fort Troff

First up for me, tag on to the review turnipHed did for Fort Troff’s  new toy the Raw Dawg.

This toy is pretty fucking amazing.  I think like most guys when I saw Fort Troff launch it I got hard.  And I don’t mean hard, I mean hard: tent-my-briefs-strain-my-jeans-unzip-my-fly-whip-out-my-cock-stroke-it-hard.

So when turnipHed seemed intrigued too, I ordered one up for us and surprised him with it.  Hopefully he’s not pissed when I say he lit up like a kid on Christmas when he pulled it out of the bag and realized what it was.

It is really hard to describe the texture of the material making up the Raw Dawg.  Its very soft and supple and super flexible.

This SILASKIN material has a light brushed finish on the outside that makes gripping it when you are lubed bit easier and the inside is very smooth with a few added ridges along the end of the inside of the sheath.UrbanGuyTO Raw Dawg

It really is three toys in one.  Cock sheath.  Butt plug. Masturbation sleeve.

Gonna focus on the cock sheath and butt plug usage because that’s how I first experienced it, as a top.

This toy is a two man job when used as a butt plug.  Or at least for us it was.

The Raw Dawg is very pliable and flexible.  Getting it into any ass (tight or not) requires a relaxed bottom, lots of lube, hard cock AND dildo and some time.

turnipHed is a great experienced bottom ((I’ll be sharing more in later posts about just how this amazing guy has taught me so much; and not just about how to fuck well.)) and even so struggled just a bit first time getting this in place.

You want your hole lubed, but not too much – toy could slip out with too much lube.  Helps if the toy is warmed up good.  I had it on my cock as a sheath stroking in it while we were preparing and that was enough to warm it up.

Slipped my cock out and the dildo in to work the sheath up into turnipHed‘s ass to the knot.  Needed some effort but not sure if that just cause we were trying it first time or cause its just bit too pliable to get in easy.

Took a short break.  Relaxed.  I held the Raw Dawg in place – knot still out – while turnipHed relaxed on the bed.  Then I just slowly worked the knot into his hole.  You gotta go slow, that knot is 7″ around and even though it’s really pliable it’s a lot.

Once it was in seemed to sit in place good and turnipHed seemed to really enjoy the unique feeling of it up in his gut.UrbanGuyTO Raw Dawg

I have to be honest and admit I really wasn’t paying too much attention to what he was saying, I was mezmerized by his great ass now plugged with the Raw Dawg.

My cock was hard just looking at that hole in the Dawg waiting to be filled.

With his ass in the air I stuck a finger in to lube it up a bit and make sure it was fitting good.

The knot really does a pretty good job securing it in your bottom’s ass and the flared ends help to ensure it doesn’t get pushed in too far.  But you gotta go slow.

Would be easy to pull the Raw Dawg out with a hard-on pulling out too quick.

With the okay from turnipHed, I moved up to rest the head of my cock at the opening and pushed my shaft in just to the knot.

Unsure of how it would feel for him, I didn’t wanna just slide my shaft right in – even slow.

I am telling you guys, that was a lot of restraint. Took all I had to not just go balls deep.

The SILASKIN of the Raw Dawg feels so good anyway; never mind combining it with some tight-slicked pressure on your shaft.

Couple breaths later, turnipHed is wondering why I am not fucking him! Ha!

Lost in the moment was just enjoying the tight, slick feeling of being in the Raw Dawg in his tight ass.

Disclaimer time guys.  The Raw Dawg is NOT a substitute for a condom.  It is being sold as sex toy and should be treated like that when you are using it.  I chose to go in bare.  You use your own judgement and glove up if you think there’s risk their you don’t want to take. ((Editors Note: A female condom can be used with this toy as well without any hindrance in the bottom’s experience and allows the top full on stimulation from the inside of the textured shaft.))

Once I got the green light, it was time to go to town on turnipHed‘s ass and give the Raw Dawg the workout I had wanted to since I’d see the guys using it on Fort Troff‘s site.

A better top than me might have been able to beat the Raw Dawg into submission but not me.  Not embarrassed to say it felt so great fucking away I had to take some breaks.  Breathing hard and sweating lots.  I think I saw turnipHed smirking more than once about how much work I was putting into it.

The Raw Dawg is a double slam for a top.  First, the thing feels great.  Its a really tight snug feeling on your shaft as you thrust away.

Second, you’re gonna find your bottom can take way more using this. turnipHed kept telling me to go for it and fuck him good even while I was fucking away hard and deep.

The toy prevents a lot of chaffing and tiredness that sometimes forces guys to give up fucking during a hard session.  ((Now, don’t be stupid guys.  The Raw Dawg isn’t a license to be stupid about fucking.  Communicate.  Enjoy it.  Its a good ride.  But stop still means stop.))

The sheath could use a few more ridges for a guy like me who is use to some serious simulation on his cock head.

Plus, I found I kept looking to make sure the Raw Dawg hadn’t slip around cause with this thick layer between you and the guy you’re fucking it’s hard to tell what’s going on just by the feeling on your cock alone.

Rode it a good long time and have to say it felt great.  A toy I am hoping I get to enjoy lots more.


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  • turnipHed#1

    14 Mar 2013 (Thursday)

    I wasn’t smirking; I was having a GREAT time!

  • TomG#2

    27 Jul 2014 (Sunday)

    thanks for the review i purchased the frosted one. wait to try it out


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