Review: Jockstraps; Nasty Pig, CellBlock 13, Omtex


Jockstraps 2013Last few days for the Spring Sale at Jockstrap Central boys…

I picked up a few jockstraps that I am going to want to wear over the coming summer, have a look and head on over to Jockstrap Central for a great selection of well priced gear!

Nasty Pig Takedown Jockstrap

This was just an irresistible deal. I don’t have a Nasty Pig jockstrap in my collection; while it isn’t the latest form Nasty Pig it is a great jock.

It has a great soft thick pouch on it and sturdy construction with solid seams. so this one will stand up to being worn a lot and played in a lot more.

Omtex Gym Supporter

Had never heard of this brand before visiting Jockstrap Central.  At such a great price and looking pretty good on the site and the model, I figured I would give it a try.

I have a soft spot ((or is that a hard spot?)) for old school wide band jockstraps.

Once getting on my cock, I was amazed at the great construction and attention to detail.



The pouch on this jockstrap is perfect.  It brings a deep full coverage pouch which wraps right under your balls for a comfortable fit.

It might not appear to be, but this is a MUST HAVE for those of you guys that have a jockstrap or two or MORE in your collection.

CellBlock 13 Grappler Jockstrap

There is a lot of chatter among “gearhounds“, like myself, about all the great gear that is coming from the minds behind CellBlock 13.  So, how could I not just dive in and grab myself, and more importantly, get myself into a jockstrap from these guys?



Well priced, again, the Grappler is not the newest model on the market from CellBlock 13, but damn it is nice.

This soft mesh pouch really provides great support and an awesome look.


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