Review: Fat Boy Sport Cocksheath


Fat Boy Sport CocksheathIt is my first cocksheath and I think it might have spoiled my cock for any other sheath I might slide it into!

Perfect Fit Brand had previously launched the Fat Boy cock extender and while that did seem like a great product to try out, when I saw the Fat Boy Sport my cock twitched at the idea of being slid into it.

Fat Boy Sport adds girth to your cock and makes it feel really huge and heavy. It stays in place by hooking onto your balls with the opening on the bottom, which also gives your balls a tug while stroking.

It is really comfortable to wear soft or hard, but getting it on is easier if you’re stiff and got a little lube on your shaft.

Slip it down over your shaft and hook it over your balls and you are good to go.

My cock goes on the larger size but I enjoy the snug grip of the Sport over what I imagine is a more roomier fit in the regular Fat Boy.


AC 300


Even with my larger size, the Fat Boy Sport easily accommodates my shaft.

Designed to be a jack-off toy or a cocksheath when you are fucking, I’ve enjoyed just wearing it having that snug feeling and extra girth packed away in my jockstrap.

The inside of the sheath is textured and studded to give you some stimulation but I fell almost none of it since the unique SilaSkin is super soft and pliable and the texture doesn’t make much of an impact on my cut cock that’s use to rough abuse.

Fat Boy Sport Cocksheath

I don’t mind admitting I have trouble not cumming quickly in this cocksheath.

It feels really good to unload in it.  Between the snug fit, the extra girth, the tug on the balls and the super soft interior of the sheath its all I can do to hold off cumming for more than a few strokes.

If you are curious about the fit and feel, go for it and give the Fat Boy or Fat Boy Sport a try.  I am sure your cock will reward you.

If you want a look at how it works for me I posted a short video of me playing in it over at X-TUBE.

You gotta go out and try one of these guys. Enjoy!

Fat Boy Sport Cocksheath


Fat Boy Sport Cocksheath


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  • turnipHed#1

    05 Jul 2013 (Friday)

    You missed out on a massive load right after I was done reading this…

    Now hurry up, stop missing out on these loads and FUCK me with that thing…

  • TomG#2

    27 Jul 2014 (Sunday)

    just went a purchased it thanks for the reviews and oh my gosh i want to try it out now

    • UrbanGuyTO#3

      27 Jul 2014 (Sunday)

      Its my fav toy right now @TomG. Little lube. And its goes on hard or soft for a great feeling over your head and shaft.

  • ac301#4

    03 Nov 2014 (Monday)

    When I first saw these produces, my cock twitched at the thought of getting one. I have not gotten one yet, but now more inclined after reading the review here.

  • UrbanGuyTO#5

    03 Nov 2014 (Monday)

    @ac301 lube up and slide into one bud. Your cock is gonna more that twitch inside this great sheath #woof

  • turnipHed#6

    14 Nov 2014 (Friday)

    I am still waiting to hear what TomG thought of his new addition to his collection.


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