Live It Up: Broom to Boot


In this episode Dr. Stone discusses some of the latest developments regarding his neighbors upstairs, the Stompersons, and is plan of attack on taking the next steps.

He also brings up some new developments at the Cracker Factory and the need to remove some of the distractions in his life.

turnipHed brings up the topic of charities having representatives on the street and “beg” for money.  Also, some details for the upcoming 5th Anniversary Pride48 celebrations in Vegas 06-08 September.

We also had an email and had some shout outs and turnipTugs to share!

Cocktails this evening were: Dr. Stone had a shaken Pina Colada and turnipHed just had boring old Vodka with Fruit Juice and Soda.

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turnipHed is the Chief Editor at TURNIPSTYLE, Presenter & Producer of THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE. The lifestyle magazine and podcast for [GBTQ+] Men.

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