Real Men Wear [and buy] Real Underwear (Part 1)




UnderwearPart of turnipHed’s philosophy here at turnip Style Dot Com is to help regular men make good underwear choices.

But here’s the challenge, men don’t buy their underwear.  There’s all the market research in the world out there to prove men don’t even think about their underwear and often have to be reminded that they even need underwear.

Enter the real demographic in men’s underwear trends, women.

It’s generally accepted that about 70% of men rely on the women in their lives to outfit them with their underwear.

When you understand that you can begin to understand why a lot of men’s underwear is so badly designed.

The vast majority of male underwear brands are marketed to women, to what women think men should wear, not what men know will fit and feel good.

Jockey cares more about what women think of their male briefs than they care what men think; because women buy them.

It is stupid, but it makes sense if you want to sell underwear.

Let’s put it this way, what would women be wearing if 70% of women wore only the underwear men bought for them?

We’d have a massive number of women wearing lace-up bras, fish-net stockings and garters ala Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl”.

I don’t know, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that’s probably not the most comfortable style of underwear for women.

Most men don’t even know what well designed good fitting underwear feels like because it has been chosen for them by women who really have no idea what it takes to make a guy’s cock and balls feel good in underwear.

I don’t think any woman could argue the man in her life know more about bra fit and feel than she or her girlfriends.  So with all due respect ladies, get the fuck out of the lockeroom and let the guys talk. ((Better yet would be women encouraging men to not only buy their own underwear but to make good choices about fit and feel))

First, guys need to know its okay to talk about your underwear choice and its even better to get suggestions from other guys on what underwear works for them and why.

Recently a male co-worker made a simple comment in the office about a popular brand of boxerbrief and how he liked the snug, long fit of the garment as his daily underwear of choice.

That comment sparked the most open conversation I’ve had with men about their underwear.

Guys from all over the office, over hearing our conversation, chimed in with their opinion on the fit and feel of various boxerbriefs they’d worn and either liked or disliked about the styles and brands.Jockey Boxerbriefs

That got me thinking…

Men really just need to know its okay to talk about their underwear choices.  Given a chance, I think they’d care just a bit to be in comfortable underwear.

It is okay to ask questions about what you prefer and not feel like you are being odd for asking about it.

Wanting good fitting good feeling underwear doesnt make you odd, it makes you a smart consumer and your junk will thank you.

We can and will get good fitting, good feeling underwear only by buying it ourselves.

We need to change the trend driving manufacturers from making badly designed underwear.

Men need to move away from old ideas about fashion and retail experiences; understand more and more designers and companies are trying to appeal directly to them and provide them with real options in underwear.

Manufacturers and retailers need to hear from you and from your wallet.

And men who’ve made that leap to buy their own underwear know the real benefit of doing so.

Comfortable gear that fits great, looks good and makes you feel great.

Go ahead, be a real man, buy your own underwear and pull them on with pride.

In a follow up article, I’ll stop the ranting and provide you guys with some solid advice by telling you how I decide what I want to wear, where to look for what I want and some tips on how I wear my underwear.


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A long time native of Toronto, Canada, UrbanGuyTO (SpandexGear) was invited by turnipHed to begin blogging about their mutual interest in LGBT issues, men’s underwear and swimwear! Loud, often opinionated you’ll always find UrbanGuyTO ready to engage in a friendly and open, non-judgemental discussion about any fetish, kink and sex-positive topic of interest to the LGBT community.

  • turnipHed#1

    26 Oct 2012 (Friday)

    I really don’t know where or if this even fits in, but I happened to walk by a lingerie shop today and there was a blown up article in the window.

    I couldn’t help but notice that there was a statistic that 70% of women wear the wrong bra size.

    I came home and had a quick search on Google and found this link


    This got me to thinking; if 70% of women have that much disregard for their own bodies and needs and they are part of the masses that are buy underwear for men; no fucking wonder every one has cranky bulges and bumps!!!

    Sad sad sad day!


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