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Lance ArmstrongSo I don’t know if you care or are following it – but things are going from bad to worse for Lance Armstrong.

I am a pretty big fan of cycling – use to watch the races all the time (when you could get them on TV), and was thrilled when he started winning.

I think you had to be pretty stupid to believe he was free of drugs and that cyclists were all being tested properly for drugs.

Drugs are a fact of life in cycling – its so pervasive that its part of the culture of cycling now.

I loved Lance for a good reason – he’s an “real American” (i.e. not Italian-American or French-American etc.) who wasn’t shy about being seen in his spandex.

Seriously, American riders before him wouldn’t be interviewed in spandex shorts and they’d change out of their shorts to baggies for interviews or for TV spots they had to do or for any non-podium pictures.

It was ridiculous. Then Lance comes along with his balls out and doesn’t give a shit what people see – it was pretty cool how he’d stand toe-to-toe with the Euro-dudes in their gear and let it hang out for everyone to see.

And then he started talking about his balls openly. Fuck. That was cool.

He started going on TV and writing stuff about his cancer and how he got it in his balls first and how he had to learn what that meant and stuff.

It was great – he was super open about it – even answering questions about sexual performance and the consequences of loosing a nut and what that meant to a guy.

So scandal or no scandal – drugs or no drugs – I don’t really care – I think he’s kinda a cool guy.


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  • Dan#1

    18 Oct 2012 (Thursday)

    What I find interesting is the fact that they have yet to prove he took any drugs with all the test they have done he has passed them all, and yet they took all that away and accuse him. I hate the agency for judging him with no proof other than others that don’t like his success say oh ya saw him take drugs… In all this and with all the ones that said they took drugs why have they Yet to find a test that will show this so called drug or drugs he took… it’s foolish they have found him guilty with no actual evidence. I for one believe in him till he is proven guilty not we think he took drugs cause others have said so…. Till there is a concrete test to identify the so called drugs he took he is INNOCENT to me, and I will always support him, On the other hand I will NOT support any of his sponsors that dropped him. If found guilty with actual Facts and test maybe i would think less of him, but with all the great work he has done outside of racing makes up 6x what a test not yet invented ever will.. He is still amazing in My books, oh and He looks good in Spandex

  • turnipHed#2

    18 Oct 2012 (Thursday)

    I agree; I do think those that have judged without any actual solid proof need to get off the cross! Some one definitely needs the wood!

    In my mind; it only speaks to jealousy, immaturity and insecurity.

    “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much”


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