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PICKUPSHORTREDI have had my eye on these shorts for a long time and my desire for them grew even stronger when my partner bought himself a pair while we were out shopping one afternoon.

He was interested in the black pair and I was big on the red pair, he won out because where we were shopping the had black in his size but they didn’t have red in my size and actually he and I both wear medium, his pair happened to be the last pair of medium.

Whomp whomp! Poor turnipHed!

A few months pass I walk by the store, flashback on the shorts and decide I should pop in and see if they have my red shorts in my size.

Sure enough one last pair of mediums in red…I grab them.

No need to try them on, I tried on my partner’s pair and they fit perfectly.

Let me tell you this, so comfortable, so soft, just the right amount of snug in the right places without any hindrances. What more could I ask for?

I rush home to get out of my jeans and jump into my new Nasty Pig Pick Up Shorts.((commando of course))

PICKUPSHORTDETAILThey are so comfy, soft, sport, rugged.  I really like the frayed edges, the length and the detail, I mean really everything about these shorts is perfect for me…

So there I am, lounging around the pad, watching TV, making supper, enjoying my shorts.

Fast forward a bit and I head on over to my partner’s place to hang out, of course I grab my comfy Pick Up Shorts to take with me and change into while I am over there and while I am there I notice that he doesn’t have to tie up the string in the waistband whereas if I do not the shorts fall right off and end up around my ankles.

So this sets off my eyebrow raise and a flag, I ask him if we can swap for a second and see how they fit on each other.

His fit me just the way they did the last time I had tried them on, months previous, yet when he tried mine on they were huge on him.  Just as huge as they were on me. Fell right off.

We put them up on the counter and sure enough there was about 3 inches more fabric in the waistband than on his.

We double check the labels and yes sure enough both say “M” so they are marked at “medium.”

So we decide to throw them in the wash and dry them and see if they shrink up.

No such luck there, yet this is good news for you that have them or want to get them, ((and seriously they are so comfortable you will want a pair and when you slide in them you will say “ahhh thanks turnipHed”)) you will not have to worry about shrinkage.

Unfortunately though what did happen is the drawstring that is in the waistband frayed and broke.  ARGH!

Now you are probably saying to yourself that I just need to go get a new lace and string it through.  Well that would work if the drawstring had not been sewn into the shorts when the back of thePICKUPSHORTSLATE waistband had been vertical stitched, thusly sealing it off…

So now I have a great pair of shorts for wearing on the couch ((which I will be doing shortly here)) or that I need to wear suspenders with because the string is just so short I can’t tie them up.

Here is my word of advice, no matter WHO made your clothes, always try them on!

And for the nice peeps at Nasty Pig if you are reading this, it would be SO great if you could make sure the right sizing tags get put into the right garments and if you would stop sewing up the waistband on these shorts so should the drawstring break, it could be easily replaced.

I am not going to score these like I would a pair of underwear, I am really writing this to share with my readers the experience I had and to urge you to be sure you make informed purchasing decisions.

It does suck that I spent $50 on a pair of shorts that I cannot really wear and fully enjoy; not really because they were sized wrong but more so because of the construction and that I can’t replace the drawstring.

Again, buyer beware!

Colours Available: Black, Slate and Red
Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

Also available and might be of some interest to some readers would be the Trick Shorts.

Read more about Nasty Pig on turnipStyle Dot Com and watch for more articles about Nasty Pig, huge fan of their collection and I have a collection of my own that continues to grow.


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