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Just sitting down to quickly enjoy coffee #2 before hopping in the shower and heading off to work. Had a horrible sleep last night; well not really long enough to be considered a sleep but more of a nap.

I was fighting to stay awake last evening to watch the season premiere of “Ugly Betty” however, as soon as the show was over and it was time for me to crawl into bed – POOF wide awake! Do I need to even add how frustrated I was with that – which of course made it worse.

I am glad I stayed up to watch though, it was a good episode. I can’t say I am happy with everything that happened, in fact I would even go so far to say “cruel” but one thing I do have to admire is that this show is not about a fairy tale at all.

Speaking of Ugly Betty, watched the “extras” on the DVD collection. One message I would like to send to who ever makes decisions – “ADD MORE BLOOPERS”! We know they happen, throw them in. It has to be one of the best part of the extras, oh and another thought on Bloopers – there are shows dedicated to just bloopers so obviously people love them!

Also, got hooked on watching Stargate: Atlantis. Was an SG-1 fan from the get go, but when Atlantis came out I was not able to catch all the episodes so it kind of fell off my radar. However, have been able to start catching up and its been good mindless entertainment. Kept my company until about 2300 last night when I finally fell asleep!

I have a couple episodes extra here that I am loading on my iPod that I will be watching later this afternoon. Something to look forward to.

Today is going to be an easy day, long’ish layover, with another very early morning tomorrow but will be home around noon which is good. Maybe I will be able to get some cinnamon buns. *GRIN*

Have to remember to buy paper for my printer – why is it that you always run out at the most important times?

I got really screwed on my schedule for October and am still fuming a bit. I took a gamble, which I know I am responsible for, however it just would have made life so much better for me.

I had two three day trips back to back, which was kind of yucky because that added up to 6 days in a row of red eyes. I noticed that there were 2 one day trips available to pick up but both were during that first three day trip. Yet adding up the hours from the 2 one day trips was 3 hours more than the one 3 day trip.

So the plan was to drop my first 3 day, then pick up the 2 one days and come out ahead. ((I have a bit of a deficit this month that I need to make up for)) However, by the time I was able to drop my 3 day and have it get picked up the 2 one days were gone! ARGH.

So I had to pick up a four day, which is 3 hours less, ((so now instead of 3 hours plus I am 3 hours minus)) however the only good thing about it and why I picked it – layovers. Will get to visit some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. If they have plans hope they know they are cancelling them!

OK enough ramble – off to shower and get pretty. Sure am glad I remembered to pick up my uniform from the dry cleaners last night!


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