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I have been off for a few days, so I have been laying low and taking care of a few things with my business and around the house, while at the same time entertaining a friend/co-worker that is in town for recurrent training, entertaining a friend that is in town on business.

The things I have neglected over the past few days are grocery shopping and laundry. Good thing I can get away with eating only once a day (please don’t give me shit for that I know it is bad for me and it is the reason why I used to be really fat) and I have lots of clean undies or I could always go commando.

So here is a schmangle ((I just made up that word and I like it)) of what has been going on for me for the past week or so, in no particular order…..

  1. I received an email from a client that I have been working with for about 3 years, they are terminating our contract. I am really freaking out about this because I have really relied on this extra income, just so I can get ahead and be like a responsible adult by putting money away, paying my bills on time and not eating Kraft Dinner every night.I was aware that they were getting a bit weary and stuff like that but in my defence their lack of knowledge on technology and what advancements there are and how it could work for them, has been a huge hinderance in not only their advancement but in our relationship.I have been brainstorming about ideas on how to give them a kick-ass product that would generate exposure and revenue without a lot of involvement on their part. Now I basically have to put it together and present it to them.

    I really don’t want to lose this client or the income. Even if I have to work a bit harder for the same amount of money. As long as I can keep it up – I am going to be happy.

  2. Since getting the above mentioned email I have been looking at ways to monetize one of my other blogs. This is not as easy as one might think. It takes content, perserverance and more than just Google AdSense to make a decent buck. So I have been busting my ass working on that.I have had some progress already, not much but one has to start somewhere, that is encouraging. However, today it caused me to rethink and revamp my entire approach.Mind you I did like the challenge. Not only in the planning stage but to facilitate implementation I had to create a few databases and code a few pages that would be driven by the database. A true passion of mine. Sadly, I have forgotten a lot of the basics. However, with some quick searches and pulling out the manuals I was able to get back
    into the swing of things! It felt good.

    1. If anyone reading this has some cash they want to spend and is looking to advertise – DROP ME A LINE!
  3. I mentioned I have company staying with me. The company has been kind of nice. I just wish I had more space, but it has been nice to have some one to chat with here and there. However, it was a bit weird last night when I came home from dinner and my company was already asleep on the “guest bed” in the living room and I needed to use my LED flashlight on my key ring to navigate my way to the kitchen to put my left-overs in the fridge and then to my room. Oh while grabbing my mouse, laptop and ethernet cable so I could take care of some stuff in my room.So even though it has been great to have someone around to chat with I am looking forward to being able to run around my apartment in the buff again. Just wish the weather would stay warm so I don’t chill my special bits!
  4. I had trouble falling asleep in the hotel on my layover last weekend and so I flipped the TV on and came across the Comedy Channel. Now when it comes to Stand-Up Comedians ((in my honest opinion)) it is really hit and miss but this guy was funny.He was a chubby guy in his 40s and of course he talked about food.So now you are probably saying to yourself, “where is the turnip going with this”?

    Well chubby dude brought up “TURNIPS” and he had me bent over laughing! He said that it should just be common sense that anything that can’t be cut up by any of the knives you have in the kitchen and if you are lucky enough to accomplish this task, it then needs 8 hours of boiling — well basically it shouldn’t be eaten. The reason it is hidden in the ground is because God didn’t want us to find it.

    He also made mention that “turnip” is a very gassy “food” ((for lack of a better term was what he said in reference to calling turnip food)). Which I did find some what appropriate because I do tend to talk a lot.

  5. This next point I have been debating about making “public” because it doesn’t just involve me yet it has been weighing very heavy on my heart and my mind.My relationship with someone that I hold very dear to my heart is going through a change right now. Well it has been for quite a number of months, yet in the past couple of months the changes and the intensity of those changes have had a much stronger affect on me.While I am not afraid of change there are always things that remain solid to me for those that matter and that quite simply put is my love and devotion.

    Even though the role we will be playing in each other’s life will, and has been different for some time and will be different from what it was, the thought of this person not being in my life and as close to my heart not only scares me but overwhelms me with sadness.

    There have been people that have been in my life where the relationship has been very close even to the point of being a partner and when that relationship has changed my feelings may have changed somewhat ((to accommodate the nature of the relationship)) but more so the form in which those feelings are expressed have changed but the value of that person, the intensity of those feelings or how close I hold them to my heart has never changed. ((that is if they deserve it – i can not say this is true for those in my past that have been abusive))

    So right now I am, I guess, struggling with how to live my life and keep everything that is SO important to me close.

OK I have to stop here for now. Since I do wear my heart on my sleeve the feelings are coming out and the tears are coming and this is not how I want my company to see me when they walk in; plus I really need to get my ass in gear and get my shit packed for my pairing that starts tomorrow.


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  • Jim#1

    10 May 2007 (Thursday)

    Ah, we were watching the same show… the comedian is John Pinette, and some of his stuff makes me roll on the floor laughing hysterically, especially the part with the London taxi.

    As for #3, suppose that’s why I could never see myself living in an apartment with room mates. I am getting old and set in my ways, eh?

    #5, understand completely, and sending you some cyberhugs.

    Catch ya on the return trip.


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