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Web Site StatsSo while I was waiting for the next episode of Stargate: Atlantis to fill up my buffer I thought I would take a look at the STATS that were collected on my site for the month of September. ((Every time I see that word "September" in the past couple of days I hear that song "See You In September" in my head and it is driving me crazy!))

I guess I have my mom to thank for listening to the "oldies" in the car on those long road trips!

So the Search Query Stats are as follows;

  1. turnipstyle
  2. hot construction workers
  3. ttc two cents toronto sun
  4. sphereit http //
  5. gay construction workers
  6. turnip
  7. brut 33
  8. hot gay construction workers
  9. photos of hot construction workers
  10. hot construction worker

The external links have taken a change in behaviour and I have to thank the following for letting me play in their sand box ((in no particular order))

One thing I have noticed is that I want to try and get more Canadian readers. The biggest percentage of my readers are American and that suits me just fine ((love you guys)) yet it would be really nice to have more readers from my neck of the woods. ((so to speak))

One thing I did notice is that I got 8 hits from Cameroon – which is TOTALLY cool – because I have been there! So if a Cameroonian happens to stumble on this – "How now?" and "Walka Fine!"

September wasn’t my busiest month, but then I have not invested the time in posting nor in the quality of my posts. There is a hunger in me to write more so I will be for sure…..I just have to get set up here so that when something hits me – I can sit down and write about it.

What I really need to do that is get a few more contracts on the go ((with something permanent)) that I can work on when I am not flying so that I can buy the new tower and laptop I so desperately need!

I do want to say thanks for visiting and throwing in your comments – it is always nice to have a chat like that – even if it is a bit dis-jointed.

I have noticed that there have been times when the page wont finish loading and an "error" message of sorts shows up in the header. It seems that this occurs when the software responsible for the banner rotation is doing maintenance – so just hit refresh or be sure to come back soon – hate to lose ya or hate for you to miss out on some other really cool blogs!


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