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So if you are reading my “tweets” you know I am doing laundry right now whilst listening to the jackhammers and drinking espresso!

Thought I would add a blurb about my weekend and what I have been up to. I managed to snap a few quick shots with my phone so wanted to share those as well.

Have to say that getting up on a Saturday morning at 0230 is not easy. Most people are just coming home from the bar and I am getting up to go to work. I have gotten smart though and ordered my cab pick up the night before so I don’t have to compete with the bar people!

My cab driver tried to negotiate a price with me to take me directly to the airport. Twice what it costs me to take a cab to the hotel and then the Airport Shuttle. Takes me the same amount of time as a cab.

As well, by taking the bus instead of the cab that meant I wouldn’t have to smell this cab driver’s moldy, sweaty ass and pits. Plus there was a hunky cutie on the bus so that was a refreshing change from the usual ugly people that are on there.

Really, it doesn’t make any difference in the end because I just end up plugging in my iPod and then falling asleep on the way to the airport.

A couple highlights from my layover. The last few times I have been checking in a group of about 10 guys from the USAF are checking in at the same time. What I find funny is that they all look at us air crew and get all uncomfortable. Have yet to figure that one out.

They are also quite enjoyable to watch walking down the street as they make for funny tourists. They really REALLY stick out! I didn’t manage to get a shot of them but did take a couple shots while walking down to the “pharmacy” to get my Guinness to go with the lunch I had in my room.

Water Street 1 Water Street 2 Water Street 3

After grabbing a nap and eating my lunch we went out later for dinner and drinks. ((We = my crew, well part of it)) We went to the same restaurant we always go to but you can’t really blame us. The staff there treat us really well and the food is always good.

Snapped a few shots of the restaurant.

Water Street 1 Water Street 2

After dinner we ran up to one of the bars we go to that has a wicked happy hour beer special – 2 for $5.75 and that is right up my alley. They also do a wicked Screeching and we had one crew member that needed to be “Screeched In”. One thing to note is that at “Trappers” you don’t kiss the cod, they are not fisherman they are trappers, so you kiss the Puffin instead!

We ran into the other crew that got in about 2 hours after us. They had been at the bar all afternoon. They skipped lunch and just went right to drinking. Needless to say they were just looped! Good energy though! And hey when you have to stop drinking at 2000 so you can get up at 0400 you gotta do what you gotta do.

We had a blast but weren’t all that happy with cut off, but we all had NO problems sleeping that night – and sure enough first thing in the morning we all needed a super strong cup o’ coffee.

Got in around noon yesterday and didn’t really do much. Took a nap for about 45 minutes then got up and watched some TV, caught up on my blog roll and then grabbed some wine and sat down to watch Harry Potter.

So today so far is laundry. Wrong day to do laundry as only one elevator is working and I have not run into my laundry buddy yet! Might be hanging with a friend of mine that is off today. Grab some movies and veg. Feels so much better doing that on a Monday when psychologically you know you should be working like all the others out there.

I do need to get my haircut badly though so I might run and do that first. Don’t think I can handle looking like a hippie any more!


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