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Grey Fall MorningI have to admit I had a wicked good sleep last night. It started to rain a bit and when I am lazing about love to curl up under the duvet and snuggle myself while watching TV or even sleeping for that matter.

I did stay up way later than I had expected. I remember looking at the clock and it was around midnight but then the next thing I knew ((a few episodes of SGA later)) it was 0345! I don’t sleep in very well here, firstly, it is too bright, need darker curtains, and secondly with the boys ((I added a pic here of them all bundled up working today)) working on the balconies they make a lot of noise.

I got a Twitter message from Moby last night; he liked the banner I had made and am using on my site. Which is really cool to hear because I did not ask him if it was okay to do it, I just went ahead and did it. He then asked me to make one for his blog! Cool!

So got up this morning and sure enough the pic of him I requested was sitting in my inbox, I made myself a couple Americanos ((only because Espresso goes down too fast)) and got to work. They have been sent off and I am waiting for him to wake up ((he is 3 hours behind me)) so he can tell me what he thinks. Kind of nervous and excited at the same time.

I have to get ready to go to work tomorrow night. I was just looking at flights and the one that I wanted to take back to "base" was full. This means I now have to take the earlier one and bum around at the airport for about 4 hours. I can barely contain my excitement. It is all part of the price I pay by choosing to live in another city than I am based in. However, I am much happier living here than I was "there". Tomorrow is going to be a LONG LONG DAY!

One thing that is going to be cool about this trip is that after this 4 day, I go back out again the next night, ((so a total of 6 days of flying in a row)) from base again, and do a 2 day red-eye trip. Oh wait, that is not the cool part. The cool part is that I get to stay at my sister’s for a night and hang out with her! Whoo Hoo!

Another cool thing about this trip is that I get to hang out with a buddy of mine tomorrow night that I have not seen in 3 or 4 months! Even though I get in late I have a late start to the day following my arrival and he is going to be on nights when he goes back to work so it all works out for both of us!

Now I just have to keep positive about my layovers for the next few days, as I will be thrust back out west where it is MUCH colder than here. Well at least I won’t have to take a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans along.

To follow up on that CD I found on my desktop yesterday it was DJ Tiesto: Elements Of Life [IMPORT]. Current music: DJ Tiesto, "Ten Second Before Sunrise" gotta say it really helps me wake up without feeling like I am trapped in some kind of trance club.

Well I should grab the suitcase and start throwing stuff in it. Might have to do some laundry to make sure I have enough socks and undies to get me through the next 6 days. I do expect to be doing laundry at my sister’s place.

Cheers, tH/out

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  • moby#1

    02 Oct 2007 (Tuesday)

    I liked and loaded the images already! Thanks for doing them. I’m better on coding than graphic so appreciate it big time.

    *bear hug*

  • turnipHed#2

    03 Oct 2007 (Wednesday)

    Hey you are very welcome! Glad I could help ya out!


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