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ElsianeOK I came across a song about a week ago while I was listening to the Ambient Channel on Galaxie. Well I had to stop, drop everything, crank and listen.

Now I have to admit I am not one to keep up with the “up and coming” of the music industry. I tend to fall across music I like by accident or through referrals. Such seems to the be the case with this discovery. I guess it all comes down to being in the right place at the right time.

Something else to keep in mind here, I am not a writer. I do not know the best way to offer a review. I do not have a plethora of eloquent and clever adjectives up my ass ((case in point I used the word “ass” how fucking professional is that?)) to offer you to entice you. All I can do is just give it to ya raw.

So who am I talking about? OK kids I will tell ya – Elsiane. The song Vaporous is the song that I was describing above. It knocked my socks off!

Elsiane is a unique twist on sound, while at the same time reminds me at times of other influences. But just for brief moments. I am not left feeling like Elsiane is trying to emulate someone else – but perhaps with the intense musical background in the life of Elsiaenne’s life it would be impossible to avoid any influence.

I will leave it up to you to discover if you find yourself thinking to yourself, “OH, that reminds me of…..” and if it doesn’t happen – not a big deal, just sit down and let Elsieanne Caplette and Stephen Sotto ((the drummer)) take you away. I have to add here that the addition of strings throughout the album is just outright flipping WICKED not to forget clever!

Listening to the entire album this morning – I can picture myself listening to Elsiane in the morning while making breakfast, getting ready for work et cetra or in the afternoon while cleaning and even in the evening with the candles lit, insence buring, the chaise lounge, me, a book and a BIG glass of red wine ((with replenishments close at hand)). They definitely make my “bum-hum”.

So I encourage you to check them out – let me know what you think! I have added links below for you to find Elisiane on both Amazon and iTunes ((sorry I could not get the direct link to Elsiane to work for iTunes but if you click the iTunes link below you can do a search for them)).

OK here are the links….

Find Elsiane on Amazon here or try iTunes. If you want more information on Elsiane try their website.

Just one note to add, ok actually well two notes;

  1. Love that they are in Montreal (my fav city)
  2. Pissed that I missed them at The Drake Hotel earlier this month


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