Poll: Have You Got the Summer Bug Too?

Glaze Blue by aussieBum
Glaze Blue by aussieBum

I do not know about you but guys I have a case of the summer bug something fierce and I am looking at all the new swim wear that is coming out this season. 

Honestly I am torn.  I really love running around the beach naked but I also love to wiggle into a hot speedo and get wet and bake in the sun. 

Needless to say either way I am very hungry for summer.  Plus, my shoulders are killing me with this back and forth weather we are having here for spring!

I have to say this is one suit that is nagging at me to be added to my collection.

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The Glaze Blue from aussieBum International has really grabbed my attention and pushed me to expand my horizons.  This is one sexy piece of swim gear.

Here is what aussieBum International says about it…

Our ‘Glaze’ swimwear range captures the summer vibe around the word’s trendiest beaches – fun, relaxing and sexy. Combining a classic cut with a masculine and unique design, this product will get you noticed. Limited edition – get it now before it’s too late.

So after all that — help us out….add your voice!


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