Review: CockSox Drawstring Swim Brief CX04SN

CockSox Drawstring Swim BriefMy CockSox Drawstring Swim Brief is another suit I’ve had around for a few years now, so figured it qualified for a review too.

The CX04SN is one of my favorite swimsuits and I also wear it as underwear and as athletic support for light activities.

There is lots of good advice and gear reviews on turnip Style Dot Com pointing out the good and bad qualities of underwear, swimwear and jockstraps for your average Jockey wearing male looking for something new to try out.

But like a lot of guys, I don’t really know if I like the gear I’ve pulled on until I’ve been wearing it for a good long time.  So while the CX04SN isnt fresh off the production line over at CockSox, it is worth a review.

This suit has two features I really enjoy.  First, it does not have a lining.  I have never been a fan of swimwear for men that has a lining in it.  In most of the gear I have the lining just adds bulk I don’t like in swimwear.  Second, the swimsuit has a good ample pouch up front with lots of room for your shaft and balls.

And that’s why I am feeling good about letting guys who are looking for a good new swimsuit know they ought to get their junk into the CockSox Drawstring Swim Brief.

If you are looking for a good comfortable suit for the beach vacation this winter, a pool deck stroll or just something to wear while enjoying time in the sun then you’re going to want a comfortable suit that is both flattering and functional.

The CX04SN has a fit like no other suit I’ve worn before.  With a roomy comfortable unlined pouch up front and a full comfortable seat the suit fits and feels great for long-term wear.

CockSox Drawstring Swim BriefCockSox Drawstring Swim BriefYou’ll hear me say it a lot.  I think the single most important feature of any swimsuit or underwear for a guy is the room up front for your cock and balls.

The pouch on the CockSox Drawstring Swim Brief is one of the most comfortable you’re going to find.

Not only are you going to find the pouch is not binding or crushing at all, but it will give-way a long with the shifting and swinging of your cock and balls while you’re relaxed and enjoying your time on the beach or by the pool with friends. » 01

The fabric is a standard 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra blend but somehow CockSox has made the swimsuit feel super soft and very comfortable so there’s really no need for any kind of comfort lining to protect your shaft or balls from rough fabric. » 02

Its also got a very lightweight feel to it that you’re going to love on really hot days outdoors by the water or if you want to wear the garment as underwear or for sports support for light activities.CockSox Drawstring Swim Brief

And the CockSox design means you get the room and support upfront without built-in cockrings or other types of suspensory-type inserts that are common but often uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

I find the swimsuit size » 03 runs a bit big, so if you are looking for a snug fit you might want to go down a size.

Also, you’ll find because this swimsuit has the drawstring and no real elastic waist beyond the fabric itself, if you expect to be doing diving or doing serious laps in the pool in it, you’re going to need the drawstring done up snug to avoid having the suit slip down.

I think any guy who is looking for a comfortable suit with a good roomy pouch up front is going to enjoy the CockSox Drawstring Swim Brief.

So head on over to International Jock and grab yourself a pair or two!


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Here Are the Foot Notes…

  1. Not to be too graphic, but to put it clearly, this suit isn’t going to hide your hard-on by holding it down.  If you stiffen up, the pouch just accommodates the erection not hold it down.  The pouch has stretched and accommodated my full erection several times surprising me some as we normally expect a suit to hold it back. ↩ 
  2. And if you are worried about your cock or balls showing then this isn’t the suit for you anyway.  In fact, you might want to just stay at home wearing a blanket. ↩ 
  3. mine is a Large and I could have easily fit into a Medium; my waist is 36″ ↩ 

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    This makes me happy!

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