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PRIDE – Get On It!

Pride48So have ya heard, it is PRIDE MONTH?

OK what rock are you hiding under if you haven’t figured that shit out…

OK so I wanna tell ya about something AWESOME that is happening this weekend…

So what is going on is that LGBT podCasters, from around this globe we all call home, are broadcasting live on the internet from this Friday to Sunday.

Why do we do this?

Well it is simple; we are geeks, we have a voice, we want to celebrate and we hope to enlighten, and sure as fuck we wanna have a rockin good time…

We have a great collection of people from around the world, different walks of life, ideas, philosophies and we call come together to celebrate life, acceptant and freedom…

So why not join us for a few minutes..or an hour, fuck why not the whole time we broadcast live!!!

Um yah that is a better idea…

Visit pride48,com for schedule details….

See you there..and if I don’t see you there your undies are gonna get nasty on ya…I do have the power!

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