Movember Mo-Crap

MovemberSo, I read an article about this stupid Movember event: Burgers and Beers Come Together For Movember.

Does anyone else find it odd » 01 that more and more Movember events and promotions have little or nothing to do with profiling the importance of prostate cancer awareness, prevention and healthy living options for men?

The events just look to me like business owners and social-climbers trying to capitalize on a “cool” event themes.

I use to be a huge supporter of Movember.

That was back when it seemed like a good public awareness campaign for prostate cancer.

I was so disgusted by events last year, that I refused to support the campaign in anyway this year and discourage other men from supporting it either.

No one seems at all focused on prostate cancer education or awareness.

“Burgers and Beers” events like Movember Toronto Food Week have little to do with promoting healthy lifestyles for men yet plaster “Movember” all over everything they do.

The whole point behind Movember was to get men talking about an issue they don’t want to talk about but need to learn about.

These events just seem to help men push that topic further under the carpet.

I am curious to know how these types of events and promotions are reconciling “burgers & beers” with prostate cancer awareness, prevention and healthy living?

Do the Movember charity folks vet any of these events at all?

Is there something I am missing about these “prostate cancer awareness” events that in some way they promote awareness during the event?

I can raise tonnes of money for breast cancer awareness by holding a woman’s wet Tshirt contest at a female strip bar, but does that make it an appropriate way to educate women about an important women’s health issue?

Chugging beer and downing burgers all night is a good way to promote prostate cancer awareness?

If that really is the case then breast cancer and prostate cancer should be a thing of the past.


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  1. and a bit offensive, given I have a father and grandfather who suffered from prostate cancer and had little or no awareness of the disease before they were diagnosed ↩ 

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