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International Jock Designer Sale

This just in from International Jock!  Do not forget about their current designer sale!  Check it out today before the hot undies you want are all gone.

Gregg Homme and Puma present new styles for Fall/Winter 2012: Streamlined, daring and so totally hot, the Gregg Homme 2012 collection features exotic MicroMesh g-strings, thongs, briefs and trunks.

Athletic favorite Puma shows off its Fall/Winter 2012 collection featuring new performance underwear and color-coordinated 2-packs, designed to keep up with even your hardest workout.

Shop International Jock today!!


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One Response to International Jock Designer Sale

  1. turnipHed Reply

    2 December 2012 at 12:48:17

    Now is redirection working properly^

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