25.01.13 In Brief: New Stuff, Save Money Look Good

Diesel Blade Striped Blade Briefs
Banglads brings you Diesel Blade Striped Blade Briefs

This issue of our Brief will be built as we get emails from various vendors;  so it may be long and it may be short.  Depends on how big their bulge is I guess.  What we want to try and do for you is work on this piece throughout the day as we get information and publish it by 1900 Eastern Standard/Daylight Time.   

So some days there may be lots and some days there may be nothing…but we will get through it.

Cocksox.com is celebrating Australia Day with 20% off, for those of you that have more now you can cover, swing and support yourself for 20% less…and it’s always hot seeing a man with more in less.  This sweet promotion goes on until 03 February but really dude don’t wait until the last minute!  All of us here raise our shafts to all Aussie Men to celebrate all things Aussie on 26 January.Oh and BTW — NO special code required.  The entire site is slashed by 20%. » 01

Banglads well Olivia Newton John wanted to get Physical in the 80s but Banglads is getting Stripey today with the new Diesel Stripey Collection.  Now for those men that like a bit of flare hanging on to their pouch and pulling it up front where it should be, then you need to check these out.

There you have it folks…now get out there and shop, cradle your shaft and wiggle your ass…



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Here Are the Foot Notes…

  1. No I am not going to try and come up with some quaint little Aussie saying…but I will say if Straight Bob or the Little Aussie Battler is reading this — Cheers Mate! ↩ 

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