Fact and Fiction of Urination and Hygiene

Washing Your Hands after Pissing?With our recent poll about your stance and habits when you take a leak, the article Pee Soup and then of course now this poll included below about whether you touch your junk or not, I thought it might make sense to do some research and tackle some of the myths about hygiene and urination.


So unzip your fly and get comfy.

So the biggest question or maybe rather the argument surrounding the whole bit about men washing their hands after taking a leak or not; do you or don’t you and why?

Two of the arguments that I have heard men provide about NOT washing their hands after zipping back up have been; “I don’t pee on my fingers” and “what do I pick up from the door handle from all the other guys that don’t wash their hands after pissing?”

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Lets tackle that first one about pissing or not pissing on your hands…

While urine is sterile for the most part, and has been rumoured to have been used as a battlefield Bactine » 01

I know that some have even gone so far as to argue that peeing on your feet in the shower avoids athletes foot. » 02

However, I will go on record saying that peeing on a jelly fish sting does offer some relief.  We will save that for another day.

So apparently, the facts are that your entire hip to mid-thigh region is strife full of bad bad icky bacteria that is on your skin and in your skin, no matter how much you wash you can only remove the bacteria on the surface of your skin when you wash away your sweat and body oils.

However, since the production of sweat and body oil never stops, there is a constant migration of this bacteria from your pores to the surface of your skin.

So here comes the shocker.  That bacteria is known by the friendly term, COLIFORM.  It does really nasty stuff. If you aren’t grossed out enough thinking about that, you can read more here on Wikipedia.

So even though you had a good shower, put on new clean undies » 03 and did not piss on your hands, your hands are dirty.

Plus being that your dick is sitting in a warm, dark and moist environment, everything that was on your hands » 04 is now growing on your dick from the last time you touched it.  » 05

So the next argument that men seem to throw out there, as I mentioned above, is that the door handle leaving the bathroom is just going to get bacteria all over your hands again.

Well there are two solutions to that. Wash and dry your hands well.  » 06 Grab yourself an extra paper towel and use that as a barrier between your palm and the door.

I have noticed that in pretty much every restroom I have been in has a garbage receptacle next to the door for such paper towels.

Secondly, I have also noticed that there is either inside next to the door or just outside the door, liquid hand sanitizer.  Squirt a few wads of the sanitizer in one hand, use the other to open then door and then rub the sanitizer on both your hands.

You still need to wash your hands first if you want to be good and sure your hands are clean.

I think one of the things that does come in to play here is how we played as kids.  In my day, we were thrown outside to play.  The joke often is that mom made us eat dirt, to make us stronger.  There may be some validity to this.  I have not really looked into it, yet.

I guess really the essence of all this is that – just wash your hands!

Besides if you are into it you might get to see some hot round ass cheeks in trousers, in the mirror, at the urinal behind you.

If you are straight and reading this and all uncomfortable now, get off the cross, some one needs the wood!  You look at women just the same » 07 – DEAL WITH IT!




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