REVIEW: Rockwood Underwear Scratched Brief & White Mini Brief


Rockwood Brief 01A couple weeks ago UrbanGuyTO published his review on the 3 pieces he picked up from Rockwood Underwear, while they were offering their undies for FREE!

Well of course I am not a fool, there was NO way I was going to pass up this amazing offer.  So I grabbed a couple pairs of briefs.  The Scratched Brief and the White Mini Brief.

Wow I am in love with these undies.

The White Mini Brief is constructed with a blend of 95% extra soft cotton and 5% spandex, styled with the contrasting waist band, that sits a little lower than a normal brief does and has awesome contrast stitching which definitely brings the class of these undies up a notch or two.

Caring for these briefs is also really easy; machine wash warm with like colours, of course, do not bleach or dry clean.

What I found really comfortable with these briefs is the way that the leg and seat were cut, how they just hit the crevice of my leg just right and settled themselves right around my ass cheeks to offer comfort and support.  I really don’t think these undies moved around at all for the entire day.

They felt just like a second skin.

When I wore the Scratched Brief, I noticed that the rise was just a little bit higher than the White Mini Brief.

I still found them comfortable, I am just personally more partial to a low rise garment. As you may guess from listening to my rants on The Voice of turnipStyle podCast

The pattern is fun with these ones too, something unlike what I have ever had before and I am always up for adding something unique to my drawer.

These also felt like a second skin and did not move for the entire day.  Found that the woven elastic waistband on both these garments was extremely comfortable as well.

Care instructions are the same for these as they are for the Mini, as described above, I just find it easy to throw them in with the light colours on warm, then hang to dry in my flat.

End of the day – I say BUY them!

One thing that is REALLY cool about Rockwood Underwear, they only do a run of 500 for each garment, not each size.  Once it is gone it is gone for good.

This is cool because you and only a few handful of other dudes will have the same underwear!

Have fun with your Rockwood Underwear boys!

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    19 Mar 2014 (Wednesday)

    … isn’t that my package at the top of this post? 😉

    • turnipHed#2

      19 Mar 2014 (Wednesday)

      Of course. I wanted to tie the two posts together!


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