REVIEW: Good Devil Open Brief (GD6019)


GOOD DEVIL OPEN BRIEF 6019I have been meaning to get this review done and out to you for a while now and to be honest I have no idea why I have not done so. I did talk about this garment in Episode 15: This Is A Hard One.

I mean I even left the undies out on my desk to keep reminding me and well  here we are. Welcome to the Good Devil Open Brief.

We have talked a bit about this trend of a brief/jock hybrid and here is another one and I have to say that I was surprised by this one.

The fabric is amazing on this piece.  It is soft, supportive and strong.  You get the right amount of bounce and freedom of movement while being held up and where you are supposed to be. Front and Centre.

There is something a little different with the cut in the back, the way the straps come down off from behind your hip, in front of your butt cheek.  It just seems to fit the contour way better than any of the other jock briefs I have worn.

Good Devil Open Brief 6019 FrontIt seems to add a little bit more to the whole fit and lift.  I also noticed that the straps did not move at all under my butt cheeks.

I also really liked how the elastic sat on my hips and across my stomach and it was a very comfortable elastic.

When it comes to the care of this garment; since it is 95% cotton and 5% spandex I strongly suggest you hang these to dry or tumble on low.  Spandex and a hot dryer do not get along well and will only shorten the life of your undies.

This garment is also available in an open boxer as well.  The Good Devil Open Boxer 5019 can be found here.

The Good Devil Open Brief is also available at Mensuas, as well as the Good Devil Open Boxer.

So what else do I have to say about this.  Well nothing other than to say, “BUY IT!”


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    16 Mar 2014 (Sunday)

    turnipHed tossed me over an extra pair of these that he had hidden away in his underwear drawer, so I’ve been riding in them last few days and got to agree – get a pair.

    The pouch up front is so comfortable – my cock and balls rest in the pouch really snug and cotton fabric feels great on the head of my cock.

    Also, that fit and feel of the straps turnipHed talks about is bang-on. Fits great over the ass and down the hips.

    Try them!

  • Steve#2

    11 Apr 2014 (Friday)

    I love wearing jockstraps and open back underwear; anything to show off my ass – any excuse to be a bottom…


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