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Male Power Lounge PantA while ago we brought you the announcement that the new Male Power Bamboo collection was available at Jockstrap Central.  You may remember reading Male Power Bamboo Collection at Jockstrap Central – if not tsk tsk tsk!

Now yes I will admit I was intrigued, I have worn bamboo fabric before and was amazed by it from the get-go, the model and styling made this garment even more enticing. He is certainly one tall drink of water and I would definitely saddle up to his bar in a second.

With the recent promotion that Jockstrap Central offered, allowing us all to receive 15% off all inventory, I could no longer finally resist. I ordered a pair.

First let’s just discuss the amazing customer service.  I ordered the Male Power Bamboo Lounge Pant late on Friday night ((after business hours)) they were shipped on Monday and arrived Tuesday.

The speed of which they arrived was amazing.  I realise that this is a case of living in the same city as their shipping centre but it does speak to the attention to detail the team at Jockstrap Central pays to their customers.

They want to get you geared up as fast as possible.

Ok so they arrived today, I got the email that they were in my mailbox and I ran downstairs and grabbed them.  Got back upstairs ripped off my boring old sweat pants and jumped into these.


Male Power Lounge PantThe fabric is even finer and smoother than I thought it would be.  95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex is the perfect mix, talk about caressing your legs and butt cheeks and dick and available in Black and Teal.

Of course I am wearing them commando! ((yes I know this is all about underwear but some times commando is what is truly appropriate))

I am not really sure how to convey to you that feeling of consistent caressing, comfort and coziness and it is completely like I am not wearing anything at all.

I can’t tell ya how sweet it feels for my shaft and balls to be swinging free in these pants.

The pants are for sure on the roomy side so don’t be expecting to slide into these to show off your muscles and bulges.  Yet, don’t worry if you go commando and want to show off that you are commando, the right dude will notice, and you will take a look at yourself in the mirror as you walk by, trust me on that one. ((You will like the bounce))

I bought for the size of my waist, I want to lounge in the pant as the name suggests, and it fits me perfectly, no stretching there at all.  I would say that even for my big legs there is more than ample room, again these are for comfort and coziness not showing off. ((With that information you can decide what size you want to purchase))

Even while I was watching an old movie this afternoon and enjoying these I zonked right out feeling so cozy.  I don’t sleep easy and it even made me think that a hoodie that went down to my ankles, with a hood of course, would be fucking awesome in this fabric ((Hint HINT – but I brought up the idea – I at least get a few before anyone else and then we can talk about residuals GRIN))

I am VERY sure these are going to be an awesome piece in any man’s collection and will bring you just as much enjoyment summer and winter.  I can’t stop rubbing my legs in these, and yes my butt cheeks while I am standing up!

Honest I think anyone would be a fool to not have these already in his collection or on his “to-get” list.  Next pay day, next sale, whatever is your purchase cycle….but trust me these will not be a mistake.

And while you are there, why not add some flair to your jock collection with the Male Power School Boy Mesh Jockstrap it is perfectly naughty…fucking right!

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