Well It Didn’t Rain, It Just Sprinkled a Little


turnipHed & His PoleSo as I mentioned earlier this past week in my post “When It Rains it Pours, Really!” I ran into a few more health issues.

Well I was at the dentist yesterday, well actually his specialty was in Oral Surgery, and I have to say I actually had a fun time.

The staff there were a lot of fun. Great personable personalities. It was very clear they loved their jobs and loved being there. That’s a atmosphere one doesn’t always find in a dental office.

That on top of some pretty swanky decor.

Anyway my dentist was extremely cool, very professional while treating me like I was an old friend. He really listened to me, gave careful consideration to my current condition and all my underlying issues.

So anyway cut to the chase they knocked me out and yanked out my tooth and sent me on my way with some happy pills to um well keep me happy.

With the pressure gone I am feeling pretty darn good. Sure there is still the raw pain ((enter the happy pills)) from the hole and all that physical trauma.

However, with the removal of the tooth it has removed the exposed nerve and reduced the pressure on the infection. The antibiotics were helping but not as much as this did.

Oddly enough we ((my dentist and the RN assigned to my care)) did end up talking about underwear.

My dentist mentioned that he was into good underwear, although I didn’t get to ask him what he was wearing yesterday but I should have. However, I did give him my card and of he visits here and reads this he might, just might add a comment and share it with us.

Now this is what bothered me. My nurse Tina told me that this weekend she was going shopping at the flea market to buy her 11 & 13 sons generic cheap underwear.

I just about blacked out. Those poor boys!

Tina’s defense was that they grow too fast for good underwear. What?

Good underwear is important for all Miss Tina and I have to wonder if she had girls if she would chintz out on a cheapie over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder?

So that’s it for now. Thinking I might run a contest for people to make guesses what malady I will run into next. All in the spirit of keeping my sense of humour about all the health issues I keep facing.

Just haven’t figured out how to get a sponsor or sponsors for said contest.

Suggestions? Volunteers?

Also, if you are looking for a new dentist in the Toronto area here are my two suggestions;

  1. Dr Kevin Russelo & Associates; http://drrusselo.com
  2. Yorkville Toronto Dental Specialists; http://yorkvilletds.com
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  • UrbanGuyTO#1

    01 Dec 2012 (Saturday)

    That is a pretty cool Chrima picture! 😉

  • Profile photo of turnipHed


    01 Dec 2012 (Saturday)

    Really? I think it has a lot to do with the photographer!!!


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