Splish Splash – Intymen Sports Mesh Brief

Diving in the PoolSo you have read my review on the Intymen Sports Mesh Brief ((what you haven’t yet?  Well then get to it, go back up select the link then you can come back and read this piece)) and I have told you how much I do really love this underwear and how I have also fell in love with the entire line of Sports Mesh from Intymen.

So I had this idea floating around in my head that I could actually slide the Intymen Sports Mesh Brief on and go swimming.  I had some minor reservations but really wanted to do it.

However, the other night I was encouraged, maybe even dared to wear it to go for my evening swim.

I did!  What the hell was I waiting for?

HOLY CRAP talk about comfort, bounce, support and an almost next to nude feeling! ((yes swimming nude is WAY AWESOME!!))

Here we have a solution to that horrible problem of being faced with not being able to go swimming because you are wearing some; obvious I didn’t plan ahead, underwear so here you see me trying to be cool and stylish in my 100% cotton boxer briefs!  ((ya that says cool in the pool like a brick to the head!))

So what I seem to have stumbled on is the ultimate piece of gear, multifunctional and sexy!

Basically just another reason you need to head on over to Underwear Station to get your pairs! ((At the time of this article they are offering FREE SHIPPING in USA and CANADA at Underwear Station – some restrictions apply))

I just order 4 more pair last night!

Enjoy gentlemen!


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